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Cuphead Original Soundtrack (or simply Cuphead Soundtrack) is the Official Soundtrack for Cuphead. It was released on September 29, 2017.


Composed by Kristofer Maddigan, the Cuphead OST features nearly 3 hours of original jazz, early big band, and ragtime music. Each song is played by live musicians, including a 13-piece big band, 10-piece ragtime ensemble, a solo pianist, a vocalist, a tap dancer, and a few surprises.

Available in FLAC and MP3 320 kbps formats, the Cuphead OST became available for download on September 29, 2017.


Track Name Audio
1 Don't Deal With The Devil
MUS Intro DontDealWithDevil Vocal
2 Don't Deal With The Devil - Instrumental
MUS Intro DontDealWithDevil
3 Introduction
4 Tutorial
5 Elder Kettle
6 Inkwell Isle One
7 Botanic Panic
8 Die House
9 Elder Kettle - Piano
10 Threatenin' Zeppelin
11 Treetop Trouble
12 Ruse Of An Ooze
13 Floral Fury
14 Inkwell Isle One - Piano
15 Clip Joint Calamity
16 Forest Follies
17 Inkwell Isle Two
18 Sugarland Shimmy
19 Aviary Action
20 Inkwell Isle Two - Piano
21 Carnival Kerfuffle
22 Fiery Frolic
23 Funfair Fever
24 The Mausoleum
25 Legendary Ghost
26 Pyramid Peril
27 Victory Tune
28 Hurry Up
29 A Quick Break
30 Coin-Op Bop
31 High Score
32 Funhouse Frazzle
33 Inkwell Isle Three
34 Honeycomb Herald
35 Porkrind's Shop
36 Shootin n' Lootin
37 Dramatic Fanatic
38 Perilous Piers
39 Murine Corps
40 Junkyard Jive
41 Rugged Ridge
42 High Seas Hi-jinx
43 Railroad Wrath
44 Inkwell Isle Three - Piano
45 The Airship
46 All Bets Are Off
47 Inkwell Hell
48 The King's Court
49 Inkwell Hell - Piano
50 Chief Evil Officer
51 Admission To Perdition
52 Ominous Interlude
53 One Hell Of A Time
54 The End
55 Winner Takes All
56 Closing Credits