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For the game character, see Cuphead (character).

"My name is Cuphead, I like roller coasters, and hot dogs, and tilt-a-whirl, and hot dogs, and flying swings and hot dogs, and throwing up on roller coasters in that order!"
Cuphead introducing himself, Roll the Dice

"I ain't too worried about it."
Cuphead's usual catchphrase

Cuphead is the main protagonist of The Cuphead Show! and Mugman's older brother.


As his name suggests, Cuphead's head is a wide cup with what seems to be some sort of liquid inside, topped with a red and white striped straw. His face consists of eyes that are very close together with black pie-cut pupils, and a small red nose.

He is mostly seen wearing a black, long-sleeve shirt, white gloves, red shorts (slightly similar to Mickey Mouse's iconic short overalls), and brown shoes. He's wearing brown boots, and yellow gloves. As an anthropomorphic cup, his skin has more of a beige tint to it instead of light gray and made of porcelain. His colors are duller, and yellow-tinted a bit on his head, shorts/pants, and legs, he has yellow gloves, he has a cartoony smile, and he has a bit lighter/duller brown shoes.

At night, he wears a red onesie.


"Cuphead is confident and fun. He is not always looking for trouble... but trouble always seems to find him- even in the strangest places."
Cuphead: Welcome to Inkwell Isles!

Cuphead is typically a nice person; alongside his younger brother Mugman, enjoying an easygoing and good life, but is relentlessly optimistic. His confidence and drive for adventure can lead him to appear devious, or get him into trouble, but at his core, he is kindhearted who wants to do good—but has the tendency to leap before he looks. His voice actor, Tru Valentino, describes him as "a troublemaker at heart, but he means well".

He tends to pretend things are fine when they're not, as suggested by his catchphrase “I ain’t too worried about it”. Throughout most of the show, whenever he's reminded that the Devil wants to take his soul, he acts nonchalant about it, but that's because he doesn't want Mugman to worry about it, nor does he tell Elder Kettle about the Soul Ball mishap, because that means telling him he abandoned his chores as well as put his life in danger. A dream sequence at the beginning of Sweater Off Dead shows he's more scared than he lets on.

He deeply cares about his brother Mugman. The brothers tend to argue with each other, but their arguments generally don't last long.

Although he's more or less dimwitted in most situations, he did figure out how to drive the vegetable party away in Root Packed, and tricked the Devil into painting their fence in Sweater Luck Next Time. Although he is not utterly dimwitted, Cuphead is prone to making foolish decisions. While a contestant on the gameshow "Roll the Dice", he was unable to name the well-known nursery rhyme "Twinkle twinkle, little star", and in the episode Sweater Luck Next Time, he takes off the sweater even though it can save his life from danger while the Devil is there to get him. However, the latter scenario could also suggest that Cuphead may occasionally lack a sense of self preservation, possibly bought on as a result of his own reckless nature.

Unlike his brother Mugman who gets terrible stage fright, Cuphead is described as a real show-off. He loves to entertain people and be the center of attention. Despite this, he is shown to be humble, as when he lost twice on "Roll the Dice", Cuphead was quite accepting of the fact that he lost and would attempt to leave without making a fuss.


Season One


Cuphead wants Mugman and him to go to a carnival. Mugman refuses to go, but Cuphead takes him anyway. Cuphead finds a game called “soul ball”. Cuphead plays the game while everyone watches. Mugman made Cuphead lose and Cuphead almost got his soul taken away. Cuphead and mugman gets chased by the devil. The soul ball was later destroyed. Cuphead survived.

"Baby Bottle"

Cuphead and Mugman find a baby bottle at their Doorstep and decide to take care of it. The baby bottle causes a lot of trouble for Cuphead while Mugman is trying to get some baby food and ended up wrecking their House, after Elder Kettle comes home and gets his mustache ripped off, he got beaten up by the baby bottle. Cuphead and Mugman then fled to a room with a hurt elder kettle and locked themselves in there after arming themselves with weapons and armor they tried to stop the Baby bottle from wrecking their house but found the bottle asleep then they sent the baby to another Inkwell Isle citizen.

"Ribby & Croaks"

Elder Kettle sent Cuphead and Mugman to make up with each other after Mugman "sleep-ate" Cuphead's ice cream with Cuphead also saying he "sleep-ate" Mugman's ice cream and finds Ribby and Croaks' club and gives them their 5 bucks and Pocket lint, only to get kicked into river. But they got onto the ship after one of the boat's pedals caught them by their shirts then Cuphead and Mugman witness the pocket lint sink into the river but their sorrow lasted short after Cuphead smelled ice cream.

"Handle with Care"

After Elder Kettle left the house, Cuphead and Mugman have a blindfolded pillow-fight, only to discover Mugman’s handle has broken off. Cuphead tries to reattach it, using honey and tape, but it doesn’t work. The two then get into an argument on what glue is, and then finally remember what glue is, and ask Porkrind, only to find the next shipment is in 3 weeks

"Roll the Dice"


"Ghosts Ain't Real"


"Root Packed"


"Sweater Off Dead"


"Sweater Luck Next Time"


"Dangerous Mugman"


"Dirt Nap"


"In Charm's Way"


Season 2

The Devil's Pitchfork



Despite their recurring bickering, the two brothers genuinely love each other


Mugman is Cuphead's younger brother and best friend. Like all brothers, Cuphead and Mugman often bicker over trivial things like ice cream or simply because they're not supposed to. Despite that, Cuphead deeply cares for his little brother. The two are opposites, but complementary: While Mugman is often cautious and scared, Cuphead is there to push him to take risks and overcome his fears, often leading them into dangerous, but fun situations. Cuphead affectionately calls his little brother "Mugsy".

Although Cuphead is sometimes annoyed by Mugman's cowardice, he never judges him, and instead pushes him to excel. In the episode Dangerous Mugman, he helps his brother gain confidence by giving him the Dirk Dangerous goggles. He also recognizes his brother's qualities, calling him "the smartest person he knows" in the episode Roll the Dice. In the episode Handle with Care, he is the only one who is not horrified by Mugman's broken handle, and does everything he can to find a way to fix it.

The episode Sweater Off Dead episode is the most revealing of Cuphead and Mugman’s brotherly love. His nightmare at the beginning of the episode reveals that he is more afraid of the Devil than he let on, but keeps it all to himself to not worry Mugman. When Mugman decides to knit him the invisible sweater, Cuphead is very grateful, telling him that he is the best brother a cup could ever have. Finally, Cuphead and Mugman are protected from the Devil's fiery attack by their brotherly love.

Elder Kettle

Cuphead and Mugman reassure Elder Kettle that they love him

Elder Kettle is Cuphead's caretaker, along with Mugman. Cuphead is often annoyed by the rules and chores imposed by his guardian, and tries to avoid them whenever possible. In the episode Root Packed, he doesn't hesitate to make him think he's going to take care of his vegetables, but as soon as he falls asleep, he wants to go to the movies. There have been moments where Cuphead accidentally makes a mess. This is evident in the episode Carn-Evil, when Cuphead fired a cannon filled with paint, in an attempt to speed up their fence-painting chore, only to destroy the fence and drench Elder Kettle in paint, twice. The episode Sweater Luck Next Time episode also suggests that he's more afraid of him and his possible punishments than the Devil, pushing the latter into the bushes so Elder Kettle doesn't see him. In the episode Baby Bottle, he does his best to keep Elder Kettle's radio intact, knowing that he and Mugman will be grounded if they break it.

Despite that, Cuphead is very attached to his caretaker. In the episode Root Packed, although he had originally planned to take advantage of Elder Kettle being asleep to go to the movies, he changes his mind when Mugman reminds him that they should take care of his vegetables like he took care of them when they were babies. This proves that Cuphead is grateful to him for raising him and Mugman. Afterwards, he does everything he can to protect the vegetables from the Root Pack. In the episode Handle with care, he is proud to show him his "man handle", not knowing that it was Elder Kettle who glue it on. His nightmare at the beginning of the episode Sweater Off Dead shows that he is afraid of losing him. The episode Dirt Nap also shows that he holds him in high regard, saying of him that he "never slows down and is full of life", despite his advanced age. At the end of the episode, when Elder Kettle thought the boys wanted to get rid of him, Cuphead and Mugman immediately clear up the situation, saying that he is their Elder Kettle, and that they love him, before giving him a hug.

The Devil

Cuphead and the Devil are waiting to ride together

The Devil has become Cuphead's archenemy since the latter lost his Soul-Ball game at the Carnevil and the Devil tries to take his soul. Even before this event, Cuphead shows great fear of the Devil, gasping when he appears in front of him. Since then, he is terrified of the Devil taking his soul, as evidenced by his nightmare at the beginning of the episode Sweater Off Dead, even though he tries in vain to hide it.

However, Cuphead becomes more confident when he wears the invisible sweater knitted by Mugman that prevents the Devil from taking his soul. He is then less afraid of him, even mocking him by suggesting to "try to transform into someone who doesn't fail all the time". In the episode Sweater Luck Next Time, Cuphead feels a certain weariness as the Devil tries unsuccessfully to take his soul. He even manages to trick him into painting the fence of their house by promising that he will take off his sweater, allowing him and his brother to slip away.

In the same episode, after Cuphead carelessly removes his sweater without the Devil's knowledge, he acts as if nothing has happened, even agreeing to let the Devil stand in line with him for a ride despite the danger. While they wait in line, Cuphead tells jokes to the Devil to make him laugh, with success, and the Devil even admits that he "isn't so bad after all". However, when the Devil realizes that Cuphead isn't wearing his sweater, he obviously tries to take his soul, bringing things back to status quo. This proves that if the Devil wasn't obsessed by souls, he and Cuphead could get along.

Baby Bottle

Cuphead is abused by Baby Bottle

Cuphead and Mugman meet Baby Bottle in the episode of the same name, after some unknown person dropped it off at their front door. Like his brother, he's touched by the baby's cuteness, but is quickly disillusioned when the baby cries in his arms and bites him. On Mugman's advice, he tries to make an effort, but Baby Bottle mistreats him in every way possible. When Baby Bottle locks himself in the house, Cuphead makes it clear to his brother that something is wrong with the baby and that they need to get rid of him. What happens next only confirms what he says, as he and Mugman are unable to deal with the baby and its evil intentions. At the end of the episode, Cuphead, like Mugman and Elder Kettle, is relieved to get rid of the baby by leaving it at someone else's door.


Despite their sympathy, Cuphead and Mugman annoy Porkrind more than anything else.

Porkrind is a merchant whose store is located not far from the house of Cuphead and Mugman. The two brothers instinctively go to his store whenever they need something, like paint in the first episode, or glue in Handle with Care.

Cuphead seems to like Porkrind, which is not reciprocated, as we can see in the episode Dangerous Mugman. Cuphead is happy to tell him that he and Mugman have saved up enough money to play their favorite arcade game, not realizing that this deeply annoys Porkrind. He also seems flattered when Porkrind compliments him on his courage, and doesn't hesitate to complete the mission he gives him. At the end of the episode, he is grateful to Porkrind for giving him the arcade game, without realizing, once again, that it is just a way for Porkrind to get rid of him and Mugman.

King Dice

Cuphead's reaction when he is selected to participate at the show Roll the Dice

Like most people in the Inkwell Isles, Cuphead is a big fan of the show Roll the Dice, and its host King Dice. So when he accidentally finds himself on the set of the show and King Dice picks him to be the next contestant, he gets overexcited, runs over to the host to hug his leg, and admits that he can't believe he's standing next to "the" King Dice. Cuphead has no idea that the purpose of the game is to have his soul stolen by entering the mystery room, nor does he know that King Dice works for the Devil, the one who wants his soul. Throughout the game, he remains very enthusiastic, even sometimes takes the place of King Dice as the host, without realizing that the latter becomes more and more aggressive towards him. He also doesn't know that King Dice tried to physically attack him when he lost, to force him into the mystery room. It's still unclear if Cuphead knows King Dice was fired from his show, and if so, what he thinks about it.

Ms. Chalice

Cuphead tries to convince Ms. Chalice that he and Mugman are troublemakers

Cuphead and Mugman met Ms. Chalice in the episode In Charm's way, and observe her as she manages to get what she wants for free. Both of them were curious about how she does it and follow her to the movies, until she notices their presence. He wants to look cool in front of Chalice, bragging about trying to steal cookies from Elder Kettle in the morning, and asking Mugman to shut up when he talks about themselves as a couple of dumb-dumbs. He follows her advice carefully and is pleased to see it pay off (at least, he thinks it does), when the trio manages to get into the cookie factory.

It's still unclear what Cuphead thinks of Ms. Chalice after she abandons Mugman and him to the police.


  • Cuphead's favorite song is "The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze”, a 19th-century popular song about a flying trapeze circus performer, Jules Léotard.
  • His favorite food may be hotdogs, as he mentions them three times when talking about himself in "Roll the Dice".
    • However, he is also just recounting events from "Carn-Evil".
  • He doesn't like Funnel Cake, but ate it anyway with Mugman in the episode "Sweater Luck next Time", to thank him for knitting the invisible sweater.