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Cuphead (Vinyl) is the top hits from the video game Cuphead.


"Cuphead Classics Compiled!" 2017's Cuphead is a retro game like no other - a wonderland of 30’s style hand-painted animation with a bumping soundtrack of jubilant Jazz and Big Band bangers. Following the success of their super-sold-out 4xLP set, iam8bit has curated a selection of Kristofer Maddigan's acclaimed score onto 2 LPs, featuring previously unreleased solos. Comes in 1930's style packaging designed by Jango Snow and Studio MDHR. Don't miss out on this version!

Track Listing[]

Track Name
1 Don't Deal With The Devil
2 Inkwell Isle 1
3 Threatenin' Zeppelin
4 Treetop Trouble
5 Botanic Panic
6 Floral Fury
7 Die House
8 Inkwell 2
9 Sugarland Shimmy
10 Aviary Action
11 Carnival Kerfuffle
12 Quick Break
13 High Seas Hijinx
14 Inkwell 3
15 Dramatic Fanatic
16 Murine Corp
17 Rugged Ridge
18 Railroad Wrath
19 Inkwell Hell
20 King's Court
21 Admission to Perdition
22 One Hell of a Time
23 Winner Takes All
24 Closing Credits