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Cuphead: Cartoon Chronicles & Calamities (also known as Cuphead Volume Two: Cartoon Chronicles & Calamities or Cuphead Volume 2: Cartoon Chronicles & Calamities, simply Cuphead Volume Two or Cuphead Volume 2) is a graphic novel by Zack Keller and Shawn Dickinson. It was published on September 21, 2021.

Plot synopsis[]



Join Cuphead, Mugman, and now Ms. Chalice for another round of nonstop fun and adventure! The trio can't seem to catch a break as they find themselves in a variety of peculiar situations and side quests in the cartoon magical wonderworld of the Inkwell Isles! These all-new original tales are authentically drawn to match the glorious, award-winning vintage animation style of the hit video game Cuphead!

Our plucky heroes are back in this second volume of spectacular stories wonderfully realized by the returning team of writer Zack Keller and artist Shawn Dickson!


Cuphead and Mugman are following music that leads down a well, until a big ghost whack them from behind and makes them fall into the well itself. That's when they find a bunch of Spectre Syndicate dancing to music. The Spectre Syndicates then notice them and start to chase the brothers. Eventually Cuphead and Mugman lose them and find a door, in which they think is an exit. Unfortunately, they find Blind Specter behind there and slam it shut, before finding another door with the Conductor and Head of the Train behind. Cuphead then finds a door, with the word "VOL 2" on it and opens it, unleashing a wave of fire, several demons, and the title for the comic.

Mugman in "Building Blast-Off!"[]

Mugman is strolling down the street while playing with his yo-yo. However, he then comes across a sobbing Werner, who tells him that war no longer exists, and that all of his war items are completely useless. Mugman hatches an idea and leads Werner over to a dam, and explains that his weapons can be repurposed for reconstruction. Werner does exactly that and thus helps everyone else at the dam, and successfully rebuilds it. When he realizes that his items are once again of no use, he decides to destroy the dam, intending to constantly rebuild it to keep the "war" going.

Cuphead & Mugman in "Mountain Madness!"[]

Cuphead and Mugman are going fishing in the mountains, but Glumstone the Giant interferes. Mugman then gets the idea to trick Glumstone into emptying the entire lake via a contest on who can make the biggest splash, managing to get their fish as Glumstone sprains his foot.

Elder Kettle in "Jingle Jest!"[]

Elder Kettle is happily whistling while out for a night in the town, until Ludwig and Wolfgang approach him and question who is superior. This leads to the two getting into a fight, thus drawing a crowd in as the two play. This eventually leads to an explosion, as Ludwig asks Elder Kettle of who won. Elder Kettle is revealed to have barely heard the music at all as the two rivals faint.

Cuphead & Mugman in "Siren Smackdown!"[]

Cuphead and Mugman head over to the supermarket on a snowy day to get Elder Kettle some ketchup. (labeled as "catsup") However, as Cuphead finds the ketchup, a tune suddenly scrambles his brain into getting the maple syrup instead, much to Mugman's confusion. He then sails the seas to Cala Maria's house, who was the singer that also manipulated others into getting her several other items for a fully on breakfast all to herself. She then manipulates the others into doing her biddings. That's when Mugman steps in, question her why she is outside when it is snowy, and recommends her to at least put on some earmuffs. That's when Cala says to put on hermit crab shells on the hypnotised workers for earwear, thus giving Mugman idea, to hand over hermit crab shells to the other manipulated characters, which then pinch them all over , causing them great pain as they try to get the crabs off while running about and screaming in agony , this causes mayhem, including setting Cala's house on fire. Which causes her to shriek and moan in horror as she watches on in fury . Meanwhile, Elder Kettle is still waiting for the boys to return with his ketchup so that he can eat his burger.

Cuphead, Mugman, & Ms. Chalice in "Natural Knockout!"[]

On a camping trip in the mountains, Mugman is revealed to have brought a heavy amount of supplies for the three to thrive in. However, Cuphead decides to rough it, and thus, kick Mugman's backpack off the cliff they're climbing. An hour later, a storm hits the trio as lightning strikes down and knock them off the mountain. After being knocked off, Ms. Chalice smells food and thinks that another camper is having a cookout, as the three then follow that smell. That's when they realize that Mugman's supplies has landed next to a group of sentient trees that are using their food. Cuphead then attempts to grab a bite, before one of the trees push him back. When the trio attempt to fight back, the trees resort to launching them back home.

Evil Cuphead & Vile Mugman in "Workday Wind-Up!"[]

Following the brothers losing their souls to the Devil, the Devil has them now work in the underworld for him. They prove to be awful workers, wreaking havoc at all of the workplaces he puts them in. He ends up firing them, just as Cuphead knocks down a barrel of souls.

Making Chef Saltbaker's Famous "Salted Bread Twists" can become a Baker's Tangled Nightmare![]

Chef Saltbaker demonstrates how to make a pretzel by using Mugman. This features the latter crossing both his arms and twisting them around his legs to give out a pretzel shaped look. Saltbaker then adds the final touch and his secret ingredient, salt.

Elder Kettle in "Phantom Problems!"[]

Elder Kettle starts his morning by reading the newspaper, realizing that his vision is blurry, he goes to the train station to hop onto the Pharmacy Express. When he arrives, due to his lack of sight, he instead hops onto the Phantom Express. During the train ride and when hopping off the train, he is completely oblivious on what's going on. He then arrives at the Spectral Spectacler to get a pair of glasses. When he tries them on however, he finally realizes his error in the first place, and dies from fear when coming face to face with an eyeball doctor. He then attempts to escape the building, only to be greeted by the conductor, who doesn't allow him to die as he forgot to pay for a ticket, thus kicking his soul back into his body. As the conductor escorts him out and back to the train, Elder Kettle thanks the doctor for his valiant service.

Cuphead in "Tempest Tantrum!"[]

Cuphead is in the skies, riding his airplane, before he decides to crash into several clouds for fun. One of the clouds he crashes into so happens to also awake Hilda Berg, while she's napping, and she vows revenge against the cup. That night, at the cottage, Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle go to bed, before Hilda flies over their house. She then transforms in the Aquarius constellation and pours water onto the cottage, waking Mugman up. Then she then transforms into Sagittarius constellation and shoots the clouds to make lightning strike, which then wakes up Elder Kettle. Finally, she transform into the Leo constellation and roars at the house, causing Mugman and Elder Kettle to whimper for their lives. Hilda then leaves satisfied. The next morning, both Elder Kettle and Mugman are tired, being unable to catch any sleep. Cuphead, on the other hand, slept through Hilda's torment and prepares to take the skies one more as the other two pass out in the living room.

The Whole Gang in "Holiday Haymaker!"[]

Cuphead, and Co. are stuck inside the cottage, during their Christmas, until the fire in the fireplace dies out. From here, Cuphead then attempts go out to find more firewood. However, due to the massive amount of snow piling up, Cuphead can't go out to collect the wood needed for the fire as he goes back into the cottage as a snowman. This makes Grim Matchstick laugh as fire is produced from his breath. This gives Cuphead an idea to cracks some jokes, so that the gang can stay warm. On the flipside, Mugman notices that the rocking chair, he's sitting on is starting to catch a flame, (in which he could have just thrown that into the fireplace) and decides to get everyone a hot chocolate for the others. That's when he accidentally slips on the water from the melted snow, causing Grim to crack up from his mistake, which causes the cottage to be destroyed as everyone shelters around Grim for warmth.

Cuphead & Mugman in "Chef Chaos!"[]

Mugman and Cuphead decide to help Chef Saltbaker with his pastries, being prompted to guard the food while he's out picking up dry-cleanings. Mugman is unable to resist eating the pastries, forcing the brothers to create cardboard cutouts as a last resort. However, Mugman reveals the ruse by admitting he ate some of the pastries. Chef Saltbaker soon reveals that he hired them to be taste testers, though shortly afterwards reveals that they have to pay for his pastries.

Elder Kettle's "Red Hot Tips!" #2[]

Elder Kettle answers the question on how he keeps his mustache nice and tidy. He reveals to trim his mustache with the edge of an axe, then brush it with a broom, and then polishes it with glue. Seen in the background of the last strip, the glue is revealed to have spilled everywhere, and thus sticking to Cuphead and Mugman's shoes.

Ms. Chalice & Mugman in "The Maltose Fracas!"[]

Ms. Chalice and Mugman are having a day in the park, flying a kite made out of a newspaper. Still holding onto the kite, Mugman reads the headlines that Baroness Von Bon Bon's royal honeycomb has been stolen; the one who returns it or captures the thief receives a lifetime supply of candy. Hearing about this, Ms. Chalice races to Sugarland with Mugman to get the supply of candy. They meet Baroness Von Bon Bon nervously eating candies, but shrug it off as they start to investigate. After interrogating Sargent Gumbo Gumball and Kernel Von Pop, they go to interrogate Sir Waffington III. Mugman manages to find the honeycomb on a shelf, leaving the others speechless- until Ms. Chalice notices that the wrappers on his shoes. They soon learn that Baroness Von Bon Bon set up the entire thing as a publicity stunt just so she can promote her own candies. She then promptly proceeds to shoot at her subject, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice.






  • Cuphead and Mugman's bad ending appearances from the game are nicknamed as "Evil Cuphead" and "Vile Mugman" respectively.