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Crisp Apples is the Macintosh Launch Trailer of Cuphead.

Cartoon Short[]


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The Launch Trailer

The trailer cartoon begins with the title screen, then (using an iris in as a transition), shows Mac taking a walk and whistling the background music. The scene switches to Cuphead and Mugman eating apples. Mac then stops to say hi to the brothers, but then realizes they're eating apples, which surprises him, then puts him in fear. Cuphead then notices Mac is scared, and finds out why, but Mugman seems to be too busy enjoying his apple to notice Mac. Cuphead then swallows the bit of apple he was chewing, giving Mac a grin, then the short cartoon ends with an Iris Out on Cuphead. Then Mac's head is shown chuckling, then turns around showing the Apple logo, and facts about the launch at the bottom.