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"Straight shot with good damage. Breaks into weaker aimed projectiles."

Crackshot is a weapon from Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course obtained through purchasing it in Porkrind's Emporium.


Crackshot fires a rhombus projectile that is shot straight forward for a short while, it then breaks apart and aims straight at the closest hitbox. The projectile deals more damage before it breaks down. It has a pink color and looks like a crystal, it breaks down into almost like an arrow. It functions similarly to Chaser with less accuracy but have to option to deal damage at close range, like Spread.

EX: P. Turret - The P. Turret is a pink planet-shaped turret that can be parried, shoots out small projectile aiming at the closest enemy five times and disappears. It can be parried and used as a maneuver option. Parrying it will add a small amount to the Super Meter but won't count towards your number of parries; it will immediately send it towards the enemy like a cannon, dealing massive damage. It can act as a projectile when it travels a short distance before stopping or the boss runs into the stationary turret. Using another P. Turret move will also automatically launch the existing one towards the enemy.



  • The EX is reworked from the Turret charm.