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"Mix and match landlubbers! That's what I say!"

Cora is a female pirate that can be seen in the overworld in Inkwell Isle Three on the beach next to a log and a sandcastle.



Cora takes her design from a stereotypical pirate. She wears rose red clothing, white gloves and what seems to be cherry red heels. She has a stereotypical rose red pirate hat with a white skull on it. She also has cyan hair tied up into low braids and wields a sword.


Cora is plucky and adventurous.[1]. By her "mixing and matching" technique, she is a creative person, coming up with ideas and techniques. She is also very eager with battle and might have some experience with battle.

In Cuphead in A Mountain of Trouble, Cora is depicted as the leader of a gang of bullies consisting of Sal Spudder, Ribby and Croaks over at Camp Punchafink. They cause trouble and pull pranks in order to make Camp Hootenholler look bad, even cheating at the competition between the two camps. However at the end, she and the rest of the Punchafinks have a change of heart and help the Hootenhollers save Mugman from the vicious alligator shoes. She seems to be around the same age or older than Cuphead.




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