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Coins are collectable items in Cuphead used to buy things from Porkrind's Emporium. There are forty coins in total.

How to get Every Coin

  • Complete Home Sweet Home and collect the coin at the end of the tutorial.
  • Talk to Mac on Inkwell Isle One to get 3 coins. No missions or quests required.
  • Complete every Run 'N' Gun level with all five coins.
  • Find the 1st secret coin on Inkwell Isle One next to Chip after beating each boss.
  • Find the 2nd secret coin on Inkwell Isle Two behind the one of the cabins near Funhouse Frazzle, some shortcuts are required.
  • Find the 3rd secret coin on Inkwell Isle Three behind the Ticket Booth found near Cala Maria.
  • Find the 4th secret coin on Inkwell Hell behind the left main entrance wall of the casino.
  • Do four parries in a row without landing then speak to the juggler on Inkwell Isle Two.
  • Talk to the donut girl once you connected the bridges; this can also be done by entering the secret route behind Wally Warbles.