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Coin-op Bop was an unknown level in Cuphead that got cut at some point prior to the game's release. While the level has an OST made for it, titled Coin-op Bop, and the code for the level appears somewhat finished, the concept was scrapped before the level's art assets were completed. Footage and unused art assets show that the level would have been in Inkwell Isle Two, alongside an unused NPC called Shelly.

The level code reveals that it would have been somewhat similar to a boss fight but would have changed the style of the level as the player progressed. All the phases are designed to resemble shoot-em-up games, where the player would have to fight off waves of enemies, clear the level of objects, or games where the player travels from one side of the screen to the other.

Despite it being on the 2016 demo, the player wasn't able to enter the level .[1]



  • The code list types of enemies and structures of the levels for phases that would have been references to old video arcade games, like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Frogger, Breakout, Gradius, and Centipede.
    • Despite some of the phases resembling older games that aren't shoot-em-ups, some slight modifications were made to the design of them, so that some aspect of the shoot-em-up design would be consistent throughout all the phases.
    • However, those types of arcade games wouldn't have been invented until the early 1970's, which is 40 years ahead of when the game takes place. Despite this, the "mock-up" seemingly shows that it's a mechanical machine, which is consistent with games made in that time-period, such as this horse-racing game.
  • Code for the level lists "BigCuphead" and "BigMugman", which implies that both of the characters would be sitting in front of the arcade screen, similar to the mock-up.
    • Several animations were scripted for the Big Cuphead/Mugman, one for each of the 3 buttons available, joystick movement, getting hit in the arcade game, and beating the level.
    • These animations are seen in the 6th anniversary update for Xbox One, in the unused animation reel.
  • The localization file lists "Lunar Williams" as the name of the arcade.
  • Modifying a save file or using the debug menu to equip the Arcade Peashooter on any level, besides the arcade, just won't work, and it will softlock the game after dying.
  • The only enemy programmed to be parryable is the car in the phase styled like Frogger.
  • Coins would have been earned for getting a high score.
  • Depending on the player's accuracy, bonus points would be awarded at the end of the level.
  • Similar to the arcade games, bonus enemies would appear and would reward the player with additional points for killing them.
  • An OST titled "Hurry Up" was made for the level, implying the player would need to race against a clock to beat the level.
  • The level was intended to be revived in the DLC, but was cut for an unknown reason.
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