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Clip Joint Calamity is a level in Inkwell Isle One, where the fight with Ribby and Croaks takes place. It is represented on the map by a docked boat. This level is unlocked after completing Botanic Panic!. Once you beat Clip Joint Calamity, you unlock Mausoleum I. The level is set inside the boat, which is revealed to be a nightclub populated by flies. The fight is watched by many fly spectators on the tables. There are a total of three phases in this boss fight (two if playing in Simple Mode). For the first two phases, you fight Ribby and Croaks, and for the third phase, you fight a massive slot machine made out of the two frogs.


  • Cuphead and co both use spreadshot and get close to them, and both aim up to defeat the fireflies.
  • Duck under and jump over one of the punches, if a player parries a pink one, dash against the edge of the screen.
  • One player stays in the middle and move out of the way of the ball, while the other stay close and follow its lead.
  • During snake attack, jump on a platform, jump over one and onto the next. With co, follow the other players lead.

Useful Weapons[]

  • Roundabout or Chaser (Phase 1)
  • Roundabout (Phase 2)
  • Anything with good range (Phase 3)



"We've had fightin' souls since we've been tiny tadpoles."
Ribby and Croaks, Phase 1 death screen

The fight starts off with Ribby and Croaks preparing for battle and taunting Cuphead and Mugman with a "come at me" gesture. During the fight, the two will take turns in attacking:

  • Croaks' attack has him shooting fireflies (which are literally on fire) out of his mouth which will follow the player slowly. They can be easily disposed of by shooting them. It is suggested that you shoot them as soon as they come out of Croaks' mouth.
  • Ribby's attack with punching rapidly with his fists and fire boxing gloves that go in an ascending/descending pattern. Some projectiles are pink and can be parried. These pink fists are crucial to getting a perfect score as they are your only chance to parry in the whole fight. Duck under mid-air fists, jump over low ones and just stand under the high ones and be sure to parry them when possible.

In Expert Mode, both Ribby and Croaks do their attacks in unison, rather than individually.

It is recommended that you use the Roundabout because you might turn while trying to dodge Ribby's punches. You may also use the Peashooter.

After taking enough damage, Ribby will roll towards the player, initiating phase 2.


"Crude and bad, 'cause we're from the wrong side of the lily pad."
Ribby and Croaks, Phase 2 death screen

The two will now be attacking from both sides, so use the roundabout weapon to hit both of them for maximum damage. Ribby and Croaks share their HP, so you don't have to worry about hitting both.

Throughout the whole phase, Croaks can start spinning around like a fan, blowing the player to the left, towards Ribby.

On the other hand, Ribby will punch his fists together, creating a planet-like swirling energy ball that bounces around the stage up and down going from left to right.

In Simple and Expert Mode, Ribby will be throwing energy waves like in the first phase after rolling.

After taking enough damage, Ribby will roll into Croaks' mouth, turning both into a slot machine and commencing phase 3, the final phase.

In Simple Mode, the two will be defeated in this phase, leaving Ribby crying and Croaks pounding his fist on the ground.


"You went for broke and now you're croaked!"
Ribby and Croaks, Final phase death screen

Ribby and Croaks have now turned into a slot machine, and in order to do damage, you must avoid the coins being spat out and parry the pink fist when it comes down (which will not count towards the parry total). Then, one of three attacks will initiate, based on luck.

  • Snake: The snake attack is spitting out normal moving platforms on the ground that will speed up over time. If you fall below the platforms, the side of the chips will deal damage.
  • Tiger:The tiger attack involves platforms moving similarly to the snake attack but much slower and spit out less rapidly, there are also balls you must avoid by jumping through as they bounces up and down in the middle of its hole.
  • Bull: The bull attack involves the platforms that are hovering just above the ground with blue flames. The flame's direction is correlated with where it will shoot out a fire column from. For example, if the flame is aiming down, then the player(s) must jump up and over to avoid the attack.

It is recommended to use a long range shot, like the Peashooter, because you do not want to be too close to Ribby and Croaks.

After taking enough damage, the fight will be over. The slots on the slot machine will turn into skulls, their eyes will be crosses, and they are malfunctioning as they shaking.


Regular Mode Expert Mode


Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack Cuphead_OST_-_Clip_Joint_Calamity_-In-Game_Version-
Original soundtrack Clip_Joint_Calamity
Beta soundtrack Cuphead_Beta_Music_-_Old_Inkwell_Isle_One_Music
Death soundtrack Cuphead_-_"Clip_Joint_Calamity"_Game_Over_Screen_Version



  • In the overworld, indistinguishable chattering noises, as well as childlike giggling noises, can be heard.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • The level design may be a reference to shorts in the early Golden Age of Animation where bugs get together at a meeting place, like Fleischer Studios' The Cobweb Hotel (1936), Disney’s Silly Symphony Woodland Cafe (1937) Looney Tunes' "Eatin' on the Cuff" or The Moth Who came to Dinner" and (1942) Pixar Animation Studios' Bug Bar from Bugs Life (1998)
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