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""Gotta make hay while the sun still shines!" "
Chip to Cuphead

Chip is an NPC on Inkwell Isle One. He appears near Cagney Carnation's level in the overworld. He gives the player extra motivation to beat the game. Chip also claims that he has been trying to fight off a debtor. After beating each boss in Inkwell Isle 1, Chip will move aside from his standing point and expose a coin for the player to collect.



Chip's location

Chip's body resembles a metal axe, with his head being the blade, which is chipped. He wears a green button-up shirt with yellow sleeves. He also wears red pants and light brown shoes.


Chip is diligent and hard working.[1] He believes that life is happiest the more he spends his time working and cutting wood, and he believes that he cheats at the Devil's casino.

Passage Dialogue[]

Upon talking to him before defeating Inkwell Isle One's bosses:

"What're you lookin' at? My chip? Ha!
It's not my fault! I been busy fightin' off those casino debtors!
Now I gotta save up to have my blade fixed!
So help me, I wish someone would bust that King Dice one!"

Upon talking to him after defeating Inkwell Isle One's bosses:

"Say, fellas, thanks for settling things down around here.
Maybe now I can collect enough dough to pay for my chipped blade.
Speakin' of which... I should get back to work.
Gotta make hay while the sun shines!"



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