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"I'm lean, mean and full of beta-carotene."
Chauncey Chantenay, Death Screen

Chauncey Chantenay (formerly known as Psycarrot) is a minor boss that appears as the final phase of the Root Pack in Botanic Panic!



Chauncey Chantenay is a large, anthropomorphic orange carrot with lanky arms and yellow and white eyes. He also possesses forehead creases that hide his third eye. He has a stem with three leaves spreading out.


Chauncey Chantenay is mischievous, manipulative, and malevolent. He has a more off-kilter aesthetic and personality.[1]. He starts off his phase by coming out of the ground and making some kind of boasting gesture at the players, which implies that he could be a show-off. He is shown to be very zany and outrageous, as his eyes spin wildly while summoning carrots. He also appears to get mad at himself when he loses, as he tugs on his leaves with sorrow.


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Chauncey shooting rings at Cuphead and Mugman.

After Ollie Bulb is defeated or spared, Chauncey will spring up from the ground in a somewhat boastful manner, and in the latter case is aided by Horace Radiche.

Chauncey Chantenay's main attack is to shoot three psychic beams, consisting of five yellow ring-like projectiles, to where the players are at the moment the beam is shot. In Simple mode, Chauncey shoots two psychic beams with decreased speed. In Expert mode, he shoots two psychic beams with increased speed.

When not shooting beams, Chauncey will pluck up carrot in his farm with his psychokinesis, he homes in the carrots onto the player(s) to distract them from shooting himself, and making it more difficult to avoid his beams. The carrots can be destroyed by shooting them. In Simple mode, overall there will be less homing carrots, with a slower speed, less accurate homing, and a longer wait time before starting to home in. In Expert mode, overall there will be more homing carrots, with a faster speed, more accurate homing, and a shorter wait time before starting to home in. Hitpoints = 4/4/4

After taking enough damage, he will pull on his leaves in frustration. Hitpoints = 450/475/475



  • His death line mentions "beta-carotene," the substance that gives carrots their bright orange color, and rumored to improve eyesight, which is referenced by how he has three eyes.
  • His psychic abilities may be a reference to the "third eye" trope, a concept borrowed from Hindu religions regarding an invisible eye in the middle of his forehead that allows for extrasensory perception.
  • When comparing The Root Pack with the Three Stooges, Chauncey Chantenay's orange color is the only connection to Larry Fine (with his orange-red hair) while his psychotic nature matches with Moe Howard.
  • An error in the death screen cause Chauncey to have no "Pie-Eyes", which are often seen in old cartoons.
  • A rare glitch can happen during his knockout animation, after a cycle of the correct animation, it will continue with his attacking animation. It can be triggered by dying when he is knocked out.
  • He is the leader of the Root Pack.[1]
  • Chantenay, Chauncey's last name, is one of the most popular cultivars of carrot.[2]

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • Walter Lantz and Ben Hardaway's classic character Woody Woodpecker was a big inspiration for Chauncey Chantenay's zaniness. His swirling eyes are a nod to Kaa from Disney's The Jungle Book.[1]


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