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"Long range with below-average damage. No aiming required."

Chaser is a weapon obtained from Porkrind's Emporium.


It fires small, slow-moving projectiles that home in on the nearest target. Deals about half the damage compared to the Peashooter. It has a lime color and looks like a star with a small tail. Best used when the concentration is better allocated to dodging.

EX: Chaos Orbit - Spawns a four slightly bigger projectiles that circle the player and protect them from incoming enemies. when there is one orbit already, using another EX will replace the original orbit and those will automatically home in on the closest target. It is good when some bosses have minions like Baroness Von Bon Bon's Jelly Bullies in Sugarland Shimmy level or Rumor Honeybottoms' worker bees from the Honeycomb Herald level.


  • The Chaser weapon is most likely a reference to the weapon of the same name from Gunstar Heroes, which also fires green homing stars.
  • The Chaser's EX Move could also be a Mega Man reference, this time to the Star Crash weapon from Mega Man 5. Both are circling barriers of stars, and both can be used as attacks.
  • The Chaser may also be a play on the word "Chaser," which means something added to a drink to make it stronger. This would be fitting since Cuphead and Mugman's heads contain drinks.
  • it might be a reference from The Magic School Bus episode: Out To Lunch. Where Arnold said: "Green olive chaser".