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( upbeat music playing ) ( tap dancing ) ( whistles ) Looks like it worked. Yeah, he's charmed all right. ( laughs ) So charming! But you two will never charm your way into my cookie jar! ( munching ) both: Aww! We've been doing that dumb dance Chalice taught us for weeks, and it hasn't worked once. I tell ya, Cuphead, she was messing with us. No way! Chalice wouldn't do that. We know nothing about her, except she abandoned us and then never came to visit us in prison. See, that's two things we know about her already. ( scoffs ) ( sighs ) I really thought she was gonna be our friend. It was nice not being on our own. Hey, Chalice is a great friend. Well, if she's so great, how come we never heard from her again, hmm? ( knock at door ) Ooh, maybe that's your dear friend Chalice now. Hey, it's me, Chalice! Chalice! Shh! Keep it down, will ya? I'm being chased by an angry mob. both gasp: Angry mob! Yep, an angry mob. All those chumps who gave me free stuff? Well, they started to catch on that I was scamming 'em. Apparently, they got a problem with that. So I thought I could stay here, since we had such a great time last time. ( groans ) Some great time! You ditched us! Whammo, you're gone! And we wind up at the big house. The big house? Gee, I had no idea. ( sighs ) Gosh, fellas, I'm sorry I got you tossed in the hoosegow. "Sorry" won't bring us back so many cold, cold nights in the slammer. The crowbar hotel. The pokey. The clink. The stony lonesome. The convict condo! The zoo for criminals. The ol' hooba-dooba. Yeah! The old... hooba-dooba? The old hooba-dooba? That's not even a thing! Well, if you never heard of it, that's your problem. Hmm! Hmm! Okay, okay. The point is, you two knocked yourselves out, cops stormed in, and I was lucky to get away. Cookies were pretty good though, huh? She's got us there. I do like cookies. So what'll it be, boys? Can your old pal Chalice stick around? Or am I gonna be out on my own, running from an angry mob? Kettle: Angry mob? Uh-oh. That's where this kettle draws the line. I want you out of here this instant, missy! Wait! Did I mention, uh, this? ( jazz music plays ) ( tap dancing ) Oh! ( laughs ) How-- How delightfully charming. Of course you can hide here from your mob, Ms. Chalice. Oh! And here, have a cookie. ( laughs ) What a delight! How does she do that? I don't know. So, what do you two do for fun around here? ( munching ) Yeah! ( whoops ) ( exclaims ) ( exclaiming ) Yeah! Whoo! ( goat bleating ) Yeah! ( exclaims ) All right, all right. I see exactly where this is going. Nowheres. Come on, fellas, huddle up. Now, we can stay here at the boring old cottage, or we can go out into the real world and live. What do you say? both: We're in. ( bleats ) Swell. There's a dance contest downtown. I entered us in it earlier. While you were running from the mob? That's right. But it's too far to walk. We're gonna need a ride. ( bleats ) Well, any other ideas? But that's Elder Kettle's truck. Yeah, we're not allowed to drive it. Ha! Nobody said anything about you two driving. Wait, what?

( bold jazz music playing ) ( tires screech ) Whoo! ( laughs ) ( Mugman whimpers ) ( Chalice laughs ) Lookie there! ( laughs menacingly ) Hi! ( horn honks ) ( all yell ) Chalice: Whoa! ( bell dinging ) ( train whistle blows ) ( all gasp ) ( all scream ) Oh no! ( whimpers ) ( whistles ) ( all scream ) ( all yelling ) ( peppy music playing ) ( Chalice vocalizing ) ( all laugh ) That was swell! I usually charm my way into first place alone, but we did that one together. It's kinda nice not being on my own, and we could do it all again tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day too. See, Mugsy? Chalice is a great friend. Now, aren't you glad we let her hide here from the angry mob? Angry mob? Hmm. Cuphead: Hey! What gives? Mugman: Cuphead, I'm starting to wonder if there ever was an angry mob. Cuphead gasps: You calling Chalice a liar? Mugman: Think about it. We've been out all day. She isn't hiding from anybody. Chalice: Okay. ( both gasp ) Chalice: I admit it. I lied. The truth is, I... I like not being on my own. I just wanted to hang out with you two porcelain dum-dums again. Mugman: Wait, so you're saying that you really did miss us? Chalice: That's right, ding-dongs. ( doorbell rings ) Who could that be? Oh, I don't know. Maybe that's your angry mob now. ( chuckles ) Give us Chalice! Give us Chalice! Give us-- Chalice, it's for you. ( banging on door ) ( screams ) So the angry mob is real? Remember when I said I was lying about the angry mob? Well, the funny thing is, I was lying about lying about the angry mob. ( chuckles ) We're still friends, though, right? Right? ( banging on door ) ( all grumbling ) Guys, guys! Shh! ( snoring ) ( nose whistles ) Oh, sorry! Sorry. Let's go outside. ( toes twinkling ) You were saying? Step aside, boys, we don't want you. We just want the chalice. ( ominous music plays ) Give us Chalice! Give us Chalice! Give us Chalice! Being the three ding-dongs was fun while it lasted. But it looks like I'm on my own again. On your own? ( heroic music plays ) ( waistband snaps ) Now listen here! Ahem. I know all of you are angry. You're an angry mob, it's in your name. ( yelling ) That's exactly right! And it's true, Chalice is a lying, grifting, friend-abandoning thief who-- Okay! Mugman, everybody! Give him a hand! Not finished! But did her dancing not bring you joy? And isn't that joy worth the cost of an eensy-weensy, little bit of money? all: No! ( laughs nervously ) Okay then. ( whimpers ) Nice try, Mugsy, but looks like they're not buying it. Any ideas, Chalice? Chalice? ( sighs ) She ghosted again! Hey! His heartfelt speech was just a distraction so that she could get away! ( all yell and grumble ) Wait! We did come all this way. You want to just beat them up? ( all agreeing ) ( suspenseful music plays ) Been nice knowing you, pal! Hey, my club! ( eerie music plays ) ( yowls ) ( groans ) ( all scream ) ( both whimper ) Chalice: Ahem. Yoo-hoo! Hiya, fellas! both: You're a g-g-g-g-g... A g-g-g-g-ghost? That's right! Anyway, I gotta lay low for a while, but we'll hang out again soon. Promise! Oh, and, uh, fellas? both: Yeah? Boo. ( both scream ) ( boxing bell rings ) ( cheerful music plays )