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Charmed & Dangerous is the second episode of season 2 of The Cuphead Show! and the fourteenth episode overall.


Trouble comes a-knockin' when Ms. Chalice turns up on Elder Kettle's doorstep and turns on the charm. The question is: can she be trusted?


Cuphead and Mugman are seen in their cottage, trying to charm Elder Kettle out for his cookie jar with improved tap-dancing, but ultimately fail as while Elder Kettle was impressed with their skills, he claims that the two will never charm their way into the cookie jar, much to their dismay. Mugman then claimed that they practiced Ms. Chalice's dance style, but has not managed to charm anybody once, and also claimed that she was the one responsible for their arrest and yet did not visit them in prison once. While Cuphead argues that Ms. Chalice is a good friend to them, Mugman still claimed that she hasn't still visit them.

That is when, she appears right at their cottage, and is let in by Cuphead. She then reveals that an angry mob is pursuing after her after eventually catching on with her scams and plans to stow away at the cups' cottage in the meantime as she then mentions about having great time with them. In the end, Chalice apologizes for getting the two arrested, despite later claiming that they knocked themselves out before the cops stormed the building, before giving the decision of letting her stay with them, or let the angry mob follow her. Upon saying "angry mob", Elder Kettle catches onto her and plans to kick her out, before Chalice manages to charm him with ease, and thus convinces Elder Kettle into stowing away from the angry mob and also earns herself a cookie from him, much to Cuphead and Mugman's complete shock.

When Ms. Chalice askes the brothers what they do for fun around the cottage, they are revealed to rodeo with their pet goat, which bores her. Chalice then reveals of signing her, along with the two up for a dance contest downtown, and claims that it is too far to walk to, and that they will need a ride to get there on time. Fortunately, she finds Elder Kettle's truck, as Cuphead and Mugman states that they cannot drive it. However, Chalice then drives the truck through the forest. However, as the three get distracted at looking at Hilda Berg passing by, they drive straight through a cornfield, and then onto some train tracks, where a train rams into them at full speed, which coincidentally, causes the truck to assemble straight at the contest, as the three then fall through the roof, and manage to win that easily.

That night, the three arrive back at the cottage with a trophy, as Ms. Chalice plans to do that tomorrow with them, along with the next days as well. As Cuphead mentions the angry mob, Mugman then gets suspicious as they then hide inside their closet, to discuss if the angry mob was ever a thing, or just something Chalice made up. Chalice then is revealed to have hid inside the closet as well and admitted that the angry mob was just a ruse for her to get together with the cup brothers again, as she missed the two all along. When the doorbell rings, Mugman answers it, assuming that the angry mob has found her. Seconds later, this is shown to be true as the angry mob, formed by the people that were charmed by Chalice in "In Charm's Way" appear bloodthirsty for Ms. Chalice. Mugman then slams the door shut, as Ms. Chalice claimed about "lying about lying about the angry mob", before the mob barges through the door.

However, due to Cuphead pointing out that Elder Kettle is fast asleep on his elevating chair, they, along with the angry mob take the conflict outside. Then the mob continues to close in on the trio, Mugman attempts to come up with a pled to stop them from attacking. This is proven unsuccessful as Ms. Chalice then disappears. The mob then assumes that Mugman's pled bought them enough time to Ms. Chalice to escape, as they then have a second thought of instead beating the cup brothers up. Suddenly, the club of one of the mobgoers starts to suddenly levitate and bonk several more of the mob which successfully scares the pack away from the cottage.

Suddenly a familiar voice then calms Cuphead and Mugman down, before revealing themselves as Ms. Chalice, now in her ghost form, as the true culprit of saving the brothers from the mob. Chalice then departs, promising to hang out with the brothers more frequently, before scaring them. Cuphead and Mugman are frightened and fall to the ground, ending the episode.

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  • This episode's name comes from the phrase "armed and dangerous", which refers to a hostile person or being who is carrying a weapon.
  • This is Ms. Charlie's first appearance in Season 2, and her second appearance in general.
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