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"One-two punch, you and da cops are eatin' dirt. Bingo bingo!"
Charlie Left Legs, Death Screen

Charlie Left Legs is a member of the Moonshine Mob and the first mini-boss in Bootlegger Boogie.


Charlie Left Legs is a spider with six long limbs, with a round red nose and his top row of teeth usually shows when he is speaking or smiling. He wears a green fedora, tuxedo jacket, a very pale green bow tie, and a pair of yellow gloves.


At the beginning, Charlie Left Legs fist-pounds his palm repeatedly in anticipation of the impending fight.


Death card mugshot rumrunners ph1

Charlie Left Legs travels around the platforms. He may do three different attacks:

  • He kicks a fellow Caterpillar Mobster, it bounces around the screen. The Caterpillar Mobster can be defeated, causing his body to break into multiple segments that fall. In Simple Mode, this attack is not used.
  • He uses a vintage telephone to call in Fly Goons. They fly from the background and charge forward on the platforms. They can be defeated. In Simple Mode, there are less Fly Goons that enter the stage.
  • He presses a button to summon bombs that fall from the ceiling and hang between the platforms. They explode when the player is near and burn up the web that hangs them. They shake a bit when Charlie Left Legs moves pass them on his way across the stage. There cannot be more than nine bombs at once and some will explode to make way for the next time Charlie Left Legs uses this attack. The bombs all explode one by one when this phase is defeated.
  • He can simply run across the stage without doing anything.

Some ant cops use a puff of pesticide and aims at Charlie Left Legs. They often miss and the puff can damage the player(s); however, they can damage him as well if they can strike him. Some puffs can be parried.

After defeating Charlie Left Legs, he wobbles his head around, having had enough of the battle, and falls off the platform into the foreground while screaming. Popping back up into the frame with a weary expression, he then hastily lowers the gramophone which the Light Bug is riding on to the middle of the stage, before exiting the area. Hitpoints = 439/427/495



  • He is married to the Light Bug.[1]
  • He is an updated version of the scrapped airplane boss, Giant Spider.
  • He originally went unnamed in the DLC, but his name was revealed by his Youtooz Figurine.
  • Charlie Left Legs' name is a reference to the order of arachnids Opiliones, otherwise known as daddy longlegs. His first name could also be a masculine version of--and a simultaneous reference to--Charlotte A. Catvica from the titular novella by E. B. White, Charlotte's Web.


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