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"Hold attack to increase damage. No rapid fire, so precision is key."

Charge is a weapon obtained from Porkrind's Emporium.


It is a high-damage, high-velocity shot that requires the player to hold down the firing button for maximum effectiveness. It has an orange color and looks like a wave for the uncharged projectile and two waves twirling each other for the charged projectile. Releasing the shoot button before the charge is complete will fire a small, light damage projectile. It requires a lot of precision to use, and it will make quick work to bosses if you master it.

EX: Radial Barrage - Releases a short-range, but a big Area-of-Effect burst of damage from the player, it is very good at the phase of the Phantom Express, especially in the last phase, that is The Head Of The Train.


  • The Charge could be a reference to Mega Man's Mega Buster, or the Charge Beam from the Metroid series. As when both fired normally, they're weak. But when both charged, can deal massive damage.