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The Caterpillar Mobster is a member of the Moonshine Mob and an enemy in Bootlegger Boogie on Inkwell Isle Four. He only appears during the boss battle's beginning cutscene and, provided the player is not on Simple Mode, the first phase of the fight.


The Caterpillar is seen wearing a lime suit and top hat with a yellow bow-tie. They also have red hair and a red nose. Their actual body is also lime green, and on his feet are black shoes, and the sides opposite to their soles have white teardrop-shaped marks. Defeating him causes his limbs, head, and clothes to vanish and the segments forming the rest of his body to explode outward harmlessly and a short distance and then fall.


The Caterpillar can be seen with a worried expression about fighting the ant cops before he flees. In Simple Mode, while he can be seen during the intro, he is actually not used as an attack.


During Phase 1, the Caterpillar is used by Charlie Left Legs for an attack by kicking him, causing the Caterpillar to bounce around the screen. If his health is depleted, the Caterpillar's body will break up into multiple segments that fall off the screen, although his head, hat, suit, and limbs vanish. In Simple Mode, he is not used for Charlie's attack.


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