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This article is the transcript of the Cuphead Show! episode, "Carn-Evil."

[The episode starts with a shot of tree leaves. Then, Cuphead and Mugman's house is revealed, with a jolly background music. Three faced flowers can be seen dancing next to the house's window. Elder Kettle's silhouette can be seen through the window.]

[The inside of the house is shown. Elder Kettle is seen, funny enough, with a kettle that has pancake mix inside it. Then he pours it into a grill, making a sizzling noise. He flips the already cooked pancakes, and throws them behind him, except for the last one--which throws by whistling with onto it, making a whistling noise.]

[Cuphead can be seen reading a comic strip called "Adventure Comix". He uses his left leg to kick a plate that is next to him, he grabs it, and catches the pancakes Elder Kettle threw before. He looks away from the comic strip he was reading, to look at the pancakes with a happy expression. Mugman rises his plate too high, making his pancakes hit the wall, then falling onto the floor. He sighs and makes a sad expression.]

[Cuphead, about to put syrup on his pancakes, literally cuts half of his food (plate included) and gives it to Mugman. Then he puts syrup on his pancakes.]

[When the plate with the pancakes reaches Mugman, he suddenly looks really happy. Cuphead gives him the syrup, and Mugman tries to put it on his pancakes, but nothing comes out, making a fart noise. He looks into the syrup bottle, then looks at Cuphead with a bothered expression. He can be seen with his pancakes completely covered with syrup, and eats it, then gulps.]

Elder Kettle: Cuphead! Mugman!

Cuphead and Mugman: Yes, Elder Kettle?

Elder Kettle: Today, you two are in for a real treat!

Cuphead and Mugman: [with a surprised expression and voice tone] Really?!

Elder Kettle: You get to... [He pulls out two buckets of white paint] paint the fence!

[Cuphead and Mugman's enthusiasm completely fades away, leaving them with a bored and stressed expression. A cup crack can be heard.]

[The scene then passes to Cuphead and Mugman painting the fence. Cuphead groans in boredom.]

Mugman: [sighs] Jeez... I guess we know what we're doing the rest of the day, huh?

Cuphead: [annoyed] Oh, banana oil! [He throws paint around while talking] "Paint the fence, milk the goat, patch the roof...!" It's the same old stuff every day! What we need is a little fun and adventure.

Mugman: [with paint on his face that Cuphead threw at him] If we could only speed things up, maybe we'd still have time to squeeze in a little fun and adventure at the end.

[Mugman stops painting.]

Cuphead: [offscreen] Way ahead of you, pal.

[Cuphead can be seen next to a cannon, where he puts a whole bucket of paint, points it at the fence with his foot, and covers his ears]

[Suddenly, Elder Kettle can be seen about to enter his house through the fence.]

Elder Kettle: Hey, boys! How's that fen--

[The cannon explodes all over Elder Kettle and the fence, destroying the fence in the process.]

[The scene then transitions to Cuphead & Mugman walking to the store to buy more supplies to fix the fence. Cuphead has his hands in his pockets.]

Mugman: Boy, was he steamed.

Cuphead: Eh. I ain't too worried about it. You know, that should have worked. [He gets his hands out of his pockets, caresses his chin and starts talking in a think tone] If only I used a little less gunpowder... Hmm... [normal voice tone] Oh, well!

[Cuphead and Mugman reach the door of the store.]

Mugman: Eh... let's just focus on getting more paint. And try not to get distracted.

Cuphead: Mugman! Look!

[Cupheads pulls Mugman towards a carnival.]

Mugman: [Faces Cuphead] Um, Cuphead, I'm not so sure...

Cuphead: You know what I do when I'm not so sure? I double down!

Mugman: ...What does that even mean?

Cuphead: It means we're going to that carnival!

Mugman: Absolutely not! There's no way we're go...

[Cuphead and Mugman are seen riding carnival rides and eating snacks and throwing up in a trash can.]

Mugman: I've gotta hand it to you, Cuphead. That was great! And we still have time to get supplies and fix the fen... Cuphead?

[Cuphead is focused on a game named Soul Ball. He gets a win.]

Machine: Winner!

Cuphead: Ha-ha!

[Cuphead continues winning, and the machine continues saying "Winner!". Mugman sees the Telephone lose and the soul of the Telephone is sucked into the machine.]

Mugman: "Soul Ball." [He sees carnival inhabits without their souls and looks at the entrance sign.] "Carnival." "Carn-Evil." [A black screen surrounds the words "Evil'] "Evil"?! [gasps] [Now Worried] Uh... Cuphead?

Cuphead: Not now, Mugsy! I'm on a hot streak.

[The screen transcripts underground to reveal The Devil happily watching Souls of Inkwell Isle residents being sucked into the Soul Bank.]

Devil: Everyone loves a carnival. What a haul.

[The Devil starts sing his song.]

The Devil: [Singing] Whoa! In case you ain't heard, I'm the Devil. I'm real low down, not on the level. They call me Old Scratch, Mr. S, the Big D. I'm the king of the underworld. Yeah, it's great to be me. Ho-di-llie doh-di-llie doh-di-llie doh.

Demons: Ho-di-llie doh-di-llie doh-di-llie doh.

The Devil: Hee-di-llie hee-di-llie hee-di-llie hee!

Souls: Hee-di-llie hee-di-llie hee-di-llie hee.

The Devil: I'm a real naughty boy, I'm sure you'll agree. I get my kicks playing tricks on the locals. They're easy marks, they're real dumb yokels. But now folks, listen closely, it's time I made a confession. Collecting people's souls is my greatest obsession! (laughs)

Henchman: Uh, hey, boss. Boss! Hey, boss!

[Music stops]

Devil: [angrily] What?! I was singing!

Henchman: The... the soul counter stopped.

[The Devil bangs The Soul Counter but it doesn't do anything. He then rushes to his pipes, only to see no souls getting sucked into the pipes.]

Devil: What the...

[The Devil uses a telescope to see what is going on in the Carn-Evil, he sees nobody first but then he turns it to Soul Ball and sees the Incidentals watching Cuphead get four wins.]

Incidentals: Cuphead! Cuphead! Cuphead!

Devil: [annoyed] Terrific. Looks like we have a real show-off. [He teleports away]

[Back at Soul Ball]

Mugman: Cuphead, maybe you should quit while you're ahead.

Cuphead: Double down! [He throws the ball, it bounces off of the machine and The Elephant's bottom into the winners hole.]

[The Incidentals cheer.]

Cuphead: Thank you!

[Suddenly, The Devil appears]

Elephant: The Devil! [He screams as he flees, the other Incidentals do the same]

Devil: My fans. They love me. [He walks up to Cuphead and Mugman. Mugman notices The Devil.] Hello.

Mugman: [Stutters] Cup... Cuphead! [He pats Cuphead's head]

Cuphead: Watch it! [He accidentally tosses it into the loser hole.]

Machine: LOSER!

Cuphead: [angrily] Aw, heck. Now look at what you made me do! [Mugman points at The Devil and Cuphead stutters.]

Devil: And that's game.

[The machine sucks Cuphead's soul into the winner's hole, but Mugman runs up to the machine, pulls out Cuphead's soul, and pats it back in Cuphead.]

Cuphead: [breathes] Run!

[Both Cuphead and Mugman run for it.]

Devil: Ooh, I love it when they run. [He levitates and pursuits after the two.]

Mugman: I'm sorry I made you miss! This is all my fault!

Cuphead: We should've never have come here in the first place! It's all my fault!

Mugman: You're right! It is your fault!

[The two yell as the Devil starts shooting fireballs from his pitchfork, before they hop into a rollercoaster.]

Cuphead: I think we lost him.

Devil: Surprise!

Cuphead and Mugman: Huh?

[Camera zooms upwards revealing the Devil on the rollercoaster as well, he shoots another fireball, but Cuphead and Mugman manage to escape the rollercoaster just in time. The two then land on a carousel horse, before the Devil turns it into a skeleton, and breaks free from the carousel.]

Cuphead and Mugman: Whoa!

Cuphead: Bad horsey! Whoa!

[Both brothers get launched off and hide behind two cardboard cutouts before taking a picture. They then resume their run before the cutouts are destroyed and that the Devil is still chasing after them. The two then enter a funhouse, in which the Devil then transforms the clown in himself. Camera pans into Cuphead and Mugman running through the funhouse, which includes a series of having eye-watching hallways, spike slides, sideways buzzsaw corridors, a mirror room, in which the two's reflections transform into the Devil, and finally, an exit tunnel with many metal teeth that try to crush them. The two then land on a mattress.]

Cuphead: Whoa!

[The Devil blows up the funhouse and is now a dragon, who's still shooting fireballs at the two, as they whimper. Suddenly, Mugman gets an idea.]

Mugman: Come on, Cuphead! It's time for a double down! [He grabs Cuphead and turns the opposite direction]

Cuphead: What are you, nuts?!

Mugman: Now pretend like we're cornered!

Cuphead: We are cornered!

[The Devil laughs wickedly, cocks his pitchfork, and fires at the two.]

Mugman: [slow motion] Jump!

[Mugman jumps and pushes Cuphead away, resulting in the Devil accidentally destroying Soul Ball. He then goes into shock, as the souls are released into their respective bodies.]

Devil: No!

[Telephone gets his soul back.]

Telephone: Yay!

[Several other carnival patrons also get their souls back, causing the Devil to facepalm several times, as Cuphead and Mugman flee the carnival.]

Devil: You don't just get to run away! [Meanwhile, in the background parts of the carnival collapse as Henchman enters.]

Henchman: Wow, boss. I never saw you let no one escape before.

Devil: He didn't escape! He played the game. He lost. His soul belongs to me. I'll get that cup...

Henchman: Head?

[The Devil whack Henchman on the head with his pitchfork.]

Devil: Oh, shut up.

[Back at Elder Kettle's house the very next day, where Cuphead is fixing his fence.]

Cuphead: What an amazing day. We rode rides.

Mugman: You owe the Devil your soul.

Cuphead: We played games.

Mugman: And you owe the Devil your soul.

Cuphead: We're almost finished with this dumb fence!

Mugman: And you owe the Devil your soul!

Cuphead: Eh. I ain't too worried about it.

[Cuphead attempts to use the cannon again to paint the fence.]

Elder Kettle: Hey, boys, how-

[The cannon explodes all over Elder Kettle and the fence again, as the camera pans to Cuphead and Mugman.]

Cuphead: Still too much gunpowder.

Mugman: And you still owe the Devil your soul. [End of Episode]