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Card is an unused mini-boss that would have been encountered in All Bets Are Off!.


Card is a poorly-drawn King playing card. This is most likely because he was scrapped early. The details of Card depict an angry face wearing a three pointed crown.


Card will endlessly spawn three colored playing cards at once, which fall onto a descending platform which weigh it down and moves towards Cuphead and Mugman. They can control where the cards fall by standing below where they want the cards to be. When the same colored cards is three in a row vertically or horizontally, they disappear and the spiky platform would presumably lift back up, which doesn't happen in-game.

The Card was cut early in its development, evident by the lack of an actual hitbox or hurtbox, which makes it impossible to defeat or deal damage to players even when they are inside the Card. It also has buggy gameplay, where horizontally clear cards are not causing the ones above to fall down, if the cards fill out the top the platform it will reset back to the top clearing all the cards and stuck there, not being weighed down by new cards that keep spawning, and stacking until somehow it cleared some suit which may cause the platform to completely lowered again.




  • The Card mini-boss is supposed to reference card games like Poker, Solitaire, Blackjack, etc.
  • Since this battle is unused, King Dice instead summons cards of his own in the fight against him.
  • The Card holder and its mechanic might have took inspiration from the Russian puzzle game Tetris.
  • As of patch 1.1.3, this is the only unused boss that was not removed.
  • It might be scrapped because the fight might be too confusing.
  • This boss fight would have most likely been a "move it or lose it" kind of fight, as the spiked platform comes further down as time passes. Eventually, it will come close enough to crush Cuphead, who would have to knock Card out before the spikes can kill him.
    • This could be another reason for his removal; it might have been too hard for the player to knock him out before the spikes touched them.
  • The forth unused suit of yellow diamond might be meant for Expert Mode by adding more for players to focus on.
  • On Twitter, programmer Kezia Adamo mentioned that this boss is designed by them, linking to this very page of the wiki.[1]


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