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For the boss in the game, see Captain Brineybeard.

"BITE YER TONGUE! Or me sword will bite it for ye."
Captain Brineybeard, A High Seas Adventure!

Captain Brineybeard is a supporting character in The Cuphead Show!. He made his first debut in the episode A High Seas Adventure! with Cala Maria.


He looks identical to his game counterpart but now the brims on his shirt are the same color as the rest of the shirt. He initially had brown boots but after they broke off as a statue, they were replaced with peg legs that was collected by Mugman from a Treasure Chest. Brineybeard also retains his eyepatch, but it is revealed that he has two eyes, when explaining to Cuphead and Mugman about the "screaming statues" and when they turned to stone by the "dreaded sea beast"


Captain Brineybeard is a tough and fearless pirate. He is madly in love with the sea monster Cala Maria - so much that he would turn himself into stone to win her heart, though his love for her is so strong that he can turn himself back. Unfortunately for him, this love is only one-sided.

Brineybeard gets seriously offended when someone offends his love, so much that he can threaten someone with death by his calm-talking sword. Despite this, he is surprisingly kind to his friends/allies and is very grateful if they ever assist him, as he thanked Mugman for holding up on his promise and says he has earned the title of being a pirate.


The Cuphead Show! Intro[]

He is seen looking at Cala Maria through his spyglass on his ship.

"A High Seas Adventure!"[]




  • Brineybeard's sword speaks with a stereotypically homosexual voice, and is even confirmed to be queer by the show's head writer Deeki Deke, who also voiced him.
  • He and Santa are the only characters to have five fingers on each hand instead of four.