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Canteen Hughes is a character in the game Cuphead. He is a mechanic who offers Cuphead and Mugman the plane on Inkwell Isle One. He makes his next appearance on Inkwell Isle Two, where talking to him will give the player access to mini bombs, a secondary shot for Cuphead's plane.

His current and final appearance is on Inkwell Isle 4, where the player fights on his plane against The Howling Aces.


Canteen Hughes is a living canteen wearing thick pilot's goggles with yellow arms and white gloves and light brown shoes.


Canteen has a largely unknown personality, except that he seems to have a fascination with planes and other flying machines. He appears to hold a grudge against The Howling Aces, he can be seen shaking his fist at their leader in the beginning of the battle and cheering whenever a member is dispatched.

In the Cuphead novels, he is portrayed as one of Cuphead, Mugman and Miss Chalice's classmates, he is described as being very good in geology, being able to discern the difference between a hole and a geyser.



  • When talked to after being awarded the Mini-Bombs, Canteen will say that he's only "in it for the kicks". Therefore, he decides to help out in the battle against The Howling Aces.
  • He appears the second most out of all the Cuphead NPCs, appearing a grand three times, not counting external material like the books.
    • Inkwell Isle III is the only island he does not appear in.
  • He is the only overworld NPC to appear in a boss fight.
  • According to the Cuphead artbook, he has the rare distinction of being the only character outside of the main cast to be based on a drinking vessel.
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