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Calix animi image

The Calix Animi emblem

Calix Animi is a Latin phrase seen on an emblem during the level Rugged Ridge at Inkwell Isle Three.


The emblem this phrase is written on appears twice on the walls of the ruined castle during the fourth section of said level. On the pathway that leads to such ruins are statues of ancient tableware warriors such as the Legendary Chalice and other unnamed figures in the shape of cups, teapots, saucers, forks and spoons. Among the weapons carried by these warrior statues are knife-shaped lances and arrows, as well as saucer-shaped discuses.

Possible meaning[]

The Latin phrase Calix Animi can be translated as "cup of the soul", or "souled cup"; this may allude to the fact that the cup brothers' heads are filled with the essence of their souls.[1] This trait is likely to be present in characters such as Ms. Chalice and Elder Kettle due to them also being designed after the "cup" motif. However, it is unknown if other tableware characters such as Silverworth would also have the same trait.