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Cagney Carnation Cuphead 3D Pop! GameStop Exclusive is the exclusive from Cuphead.


  1. Cagney Carnation Cuphead 3D Pop!

Set Description

Gamestop and Funko exclusive! 1st Edition Cagney Carnation Digital Pop! avalible to the first 10,000 Funatic PowerUp Rewards Members.

To unlock this figure, follow the instructions in the Gamestop email. If you missed out this time make sure you sign up on to become a PowerUp Rewards Member and learn about awesome digital exclusives like the physical Cagney Caranation Pop!

Note: Physical figure purchase not required to complete set in Quidd.



  • PowerUp Rewards Box

Set Odds

Cagney Carnation Cuphead 3D Pop! - 100.00%