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Buster is a gingerbread juggler in Inkwell Isle Two who requests you to parry 4 times in a row without touching the ground.



Buster can be found in the second half of the isle, just below Grim Matchstick's level.


Buster appears on the overworld juggling what appears to be three pink gumdrops. He wears a white and yellow hat, a yellow suit with a blue collar, red shoes with little yellow balls, and most of all, he sports a big goofy clown nose with a satisfied expression on his face.


Buster is a juggling clown. He aspires to be able to juggle four things someday. He appears to be impressed by such feats as parrying four times in a row, rewarding the cups with a coin despite the economic crisis going on in the mystical Inkwell Isles.

Passage Dialogue[]

Talking to him before doing four parries

"Well, hey there, fellas! Come to watch my little show, have you?

They say juggling is a bit like parrying.

Tough at first, but soon you can string them together swimmingly!

I'm hoping to get four someday.

Four in a row... yeah, that would be something, wouldn't it?"

Talking to him after doing four parries

"Hey, I heard you managed to parry four times in a row!

I bet you're so proud you could bust!

Here's a coin to reward your persistence, boys!

Don't spend it all in one place now!"


  • Buster's name and job as a clown might be a reference to silent movie actor Buster Keaton and his pratfalls and stunts in many of his comedic films.
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