This is a list of glitches and bugs in Cuphead.

General glitches

  • If Cuphead dies during a boss transition, the boss battle will still continue and the game will soft-lock. The game cannot be paused after this soft-lock happens and the only way to get past that is to close the game and reopen it.
    • Also, if Cuphead parries a damaging parryable object the same time they touch it, the game will softlock.
  • A boss's current phase is almost always determined by the level of health, with the boss making an effort to go to the next phase after reaching a certain level of health. Some bosses, like Beppi the Clown in the bumper car phase, can only switch phases at certain points in their attack pattern, so it's possible to deal damage fast enough to move at least one phase ahead of schedule. This can cause all manner of weird behavior.
  • Beating a level on normal mode or expert mode will randomly give you 0-1 star.
  • If you get a GameCube controller working on the Steam version of the game, you will not be able to do anything in the buildings entered. You also cannot enter anywhere unless you use the keyboard to enter.
    • If you enter Porkrind's Emporium, you won't be able to do anything whatsoever.
    • If you enter a Die House, you can move around and play normally, but you cannot talk to King Dice or leave

Videos of the listed glitches in action

Inkwell Isle One

  • In The Root Pack's boss fight, it is possible for Weepy's tears to still remain in phase three after he is defeated.
    • Psycarrot's death line has a typo at the apostrophe of the "I'm", results the apostrophe being an unknown character. This was fixed in the patch 1.1.3.
Cuphead Floral Fury Glitch

Cuphead Floral Fury Glitch

  • When fighting Psycarrot, and using third eye attack, if you knockout him, his knockout aimation will be active for a second, and then his attack animation will be shown
  • During Cagney Carnation's boss fight, if the player dashes or jumps into one of his projectiles, Cagney will be frozen for the rest of the fight until his second phase.
    • If Cagney Carnation uses a lunge attack it has the chance to have the sound that comes from the attack be stuck on a constant loop until he uses another lunge.
  • In Treetop Trouble, you can freeze the dragonfly boss by using your Super Art at a specific time.
  • Also in Treetop Trouble, pausing the game in the vertical section will cause the flies to turn invisible. This doesn't mean their sprite will vanish, however. The sprites simply float oddly in a single direction, up or down, clipping through terrain, then act as normal as the hitbox continues to fly around.

Inkwell Isle Two

  • The fight with Beppi the Clown exhibits the phase glitch mentioned above since he can only switch phases when dashing from one side to the other in his bumper car. In this case, he enters the balloon phase after taking too much damage from the bumper car phase and immediately starts exploding. The balloon animals still come to attack you but the fight itself is in this phase until the end.
  • Djimmi the Great has the phase glitch too. Here, the fight can stick at the sarcophagus phase and the mummy ghosts and planet eyes still come to attack you, with his head remaining the weak spot. After taking enough damage the sarcophagus will be still opened.
    • Djimmi, at times, will also give the Sarcophagus death screen quote if you die right before he goes into phase two.
      • This is due to how the phase is actually coded. The Totems are a unique attack that is hard coded to be given it's own mugshot, and shares phase 2 with the Sarcophagus, this is why there is only 4 sections shown in on the Regular/Expert retry screen.
  • If you kill Grim Matchstick while he's doing his flame thrower attack, the other heads will disappear until he finishes that attack and then he will show the knockout animation.

Inkwell Isle Three

  • In the fight with Dr. Kahl's Robot, getting up close to the heart and spamming the bomb super while the black smudge is on it will cause an instant knockout, skipping Phases 2 and 3.
    • Also, at the start of Phase 2, blue orbs randomly appear inappropriately however, it's unknown what causes the short glitch to happen.
Cuphead - Rugged Ridge - secret glitch for easy win

Cuphead - Rugged Ridge - secret glitch for easy win

  • In the run n' gun level Rugged Ridge, if you stand on top of the enemy with the pink face, then kill it while on it and wait for it's knock out animation to pass, you will be able you walk the rest of the level on a invisible floor. If you jump, the invisible floor will disappear.
  • Beating Railroad Wrath will not list the use of super meters in the victory screen.
  • If enough damage is done, it is possible to entirely skip Rumor Honeybottoms' third phase.

Inkwell Hell

  • Simple mode is unavailable in the stages here, but finishing an earlier fight on Simple and coming to All Bets Are Off! or One Hell Of A Time immediately can sometimes result in the game trying to give the player a Simple version of these fights, even though it should not exist. This can cause weird behavior (including some of the All Bets Are Off minibosses, including Pip and Dot (out of bounds), Tipsy Troop (not attacking), Hopus Pocus (never appearing), etc.) and may softlock the game in certain cases.
  • Holding the fire button as you progress to The Devil's second stage can result in Cuphead's firing animation not producing any projectiles. This can be resolved if you switch weapons or use a super art.
  • During The Devil's second phase transition, if the player stays at the top and stands between the fire and the hole for a couple seconds and then jumps in, the firing animation will appear from behind Cuphead, rather than his fingertips. This can be fixed by moving left.
  • King Dice will randomly freeze.
  • The title screen lists it as "Inkwell Isle Four".

Videos of the listed glitches in action

Patched glitches

  • If you click remove player 2, a Mugman will clone himself, but got removed in the update.
  • In two-player mode, you can have more than one Mugman. One of the occurrences is when you use DS4 on your Xbox One controller and you press a button to let another Mugman join the game.
  • In All Bets Are Off!, Mr. Chimes was able get stuck in the edge of the screen when the screen slightly scrolls. Also, during this glitch, after picking two cards successfully, he can get stuck in the permanent pre-attacking animation and he can be damaged and beaten even when the cards show up.
    • Alternately, a well-timed selection of two mismatching cards can send Mr. Chimes flying off of the screen, resulting in an instant knockout.
    • You can beat The Devil without leaving the first phase. To do this, when the hole to the second phase appears and the walls of fire close in, stand on the left edge of the hole where you are safe from both the hole and the fire. From there, you can attack an invisible hitbox until you defeat the devil, all while not having to worry about any damage coming your way.