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"Unknown - A simple bauble of unknown origin."

The Broken Relic is a charm available from Porkrind's Emporium in the DLC. It starts out doing nothing and can be activated into giving powerful effects.

Guide and Tips[]

For the graveyard, every save file has a different solution. Talk to the trio of climbing competition contestants, they will offer hints of direction to the graveyard that need to be interacted. Take the words like "up", "right", "left", and "down" literally, the order is their places in the competition, and apply the clues relative to the center gravestone. Sometimes wordings like "top" or "bottom" may be a misleading clue, ignore them.

After unlocking Angel and Demon, defeat the boss. The Broken Relic doesn't need to be equipped; simply buying it unlocks the graveyard puzzle. With that, the Broken Relic will become the Cursed Relic, changing the music of all overworld themes to An Ominous Stroll.

With the Cursed Relic equipped, defeat bosses on Regular or Expert Mode and the Cursed Relic becomes the Divine Relic and changes the overworld music everywhere to Joyous Promenade. Each boss can only contribute points once.

Cumulatively, 16 points are need to activate Divine Relic. Here is a list of points given by each boss:

Bosses Points awarded
Inkwell Isle 1 2
Inkwell Isle 2 2.5
Inkwell Isle 3 3
Inkwell Isle 4 3
King Dice and his minions 1
The Devil and Chef Saltbaker 4


Broken Relic[]

Equipping the Broken Relic has no effect on the player. Instead, the player must buy it to access the Angel and Demon boss fight in the Graveyard. After defeating this boss, the Broken Relic will turn into the Cursed Relic.

Cursed Relic[]

"Burdens Host - Jinxed curio that inflicts various status ailments."

The Cursed Relic provides the player with a variety of ailments and abilities, most noticeably reducing you to 1 HP at the beginning of every level. Player equipped shots are ignored, opting to instead randomize the player's weapon every time they begin shooting. The shots can be any weapon, whether they have been bought or not. Using an EX attack does not change the currently equipped weapon, so it is possible to choose the EX attack to fire, although it may take a while to get the desired weapon. Because of Heart Ring making parry not generating a card until the player has gotten all three hearts, the only practical way to generate Super Meter is by the passive Coffee effect. In terms of visual aesthetic, purple smoke particle effects surround the player, visualizing the curse brought on from equipping the Cursed Relic.

Depending on how many bosses have been defeated whilst having the Cursed Relic equipped, the positive abilities received from the relic will become stronger, and the purple aura will change, with the smoke particles slowly being replaced by circles that expand and then disappear. In the final phase of the cursed relic, the smoke particles are completely replaced by the circles. Each icon represents the different phases of the relic.

Icon Points needed Super Meter's charge rate Smoke Bomb activation Whetstone activation Parry needed to Regenerate 1 HP
0 0% Every eighth Dash Every eighth Parry 3, 3, 4
10 total
4 1.3% Every fifth Dash Every fifth Parry 2, 3, 4
9 total
8 2.6% Every third Dash Every third Parry 1, 3, 4
8 total
12 3.9% Every other Dash Every other Parry 1, 2, 4
7 total

After defeating enough bosses with the Cursed Relic equipped, the Cursed Relic will turn into the Divine Relic.

Divine Relic[]


Divine Relic Icon

"Bestows Power - Wondrous talisman that grants a variety of abilities."

Unlike the Cursed Relic, the Divine Relic does not reduce your starting HP, leaving you with the normal 3 HP. However, the relic still randomizes your weapons every time you begin shooting, and with it, you receive the full benefits of Smoke Bomb, Whetstone, and Heart Ring, as well as charging 5.2% of the player's Super Meter every second (Opposed to Coffee's 4%). In addition, rather than the purple particle effects created by the Cursed Relic, the Divine Relic applies cyan after-images to the player, visualizing the enhanced power of the Divine Relic. If you want to defeat your current boss and take your gaming performance to the next level, activating Game Djimmi and using the Divine Relic is the way to go. Even though the Divine Relic changes your shot every time you dash or stop shooting, it's surprisingly effective. With this powerful combination, you can instantly double your health, making it easier to achieve your goals and emerge victorious.


Version Soundtrack
An Ominous Stroll An_Ominous_Stroll
An Ominous Stroll (Piano) An_Ominous_Stroll_(Piano)
Joyous Promenade Joyous_Promenade
Joyous Promenade (Piano) Joyous_Promenade_(Piano)


  • The Divine Relic does not have the effects of Heart or Twin Heart effect to make it less powerful, it also does not have P. Sugar so the player(s) do not have to count how many times they have parried to parry automatically.
  • As this is a charm, Ms. Chalice cannot use it as Astral Cookie would take up the charm slot as well.
  • In multiplayer, only one player has to equip the Cursed Relic for it to change into the Divine Relic after defeating bosses.
    • If both players have it, the game will erroneously count the increase in game completion percentage twice, giving 12% instead of 6%.
  • The Divine Relic can be comparable to the Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows 100% reward, the Pandemonium Chalice. The said item would grant Plague Knight the Pandemonium Cloak, which would shuffle Plague Knight's bomb casings, fuses, powders, Bomb Bursts, and equipped Arcana while worn.
  • The Cursed Relic is likely a reference to Final Fantasy 6 in which the player needs to win 256 battles with a Cursed Shield equipped to transform it into the Paladin Shield.
  • Cala Maria's Stone Gaze and Petrifying Poltergeist attacks count as stopping firing, so when the player starts firing again after being freed from petrification, the weapon will switch (unless the player shrinks before firing).
  • On Aeroplane levels, shrinking the plane before firing will not switch the selected weapon. This is not particularly useful as a method to avoid switching, as there are only two Aeroplane weapons for the selected character; releasing and pressing Fire again will reselect the original weapon.
  • Since the player has to stop firing briefly to fire an EX shot or perform a Super Art, the weapon will switch immediately afterward if the player is holding the fire button. If the player wishes to fire the current weapon's EX attack multiple times, they should release the Fire button while doing so.
  • If the Cursed Relic is equipped, the regular overworld music will change to be more ominous.
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