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"Gee, what's eatin' him?"
Bowlboy, Handle with Care!

"And I've got a few tricks up my sleeve..."
Bowlboy, Another Brother

Bowlboy is a minor character in The Cuphead Show!, first appearing in the Season 1 episode, Handle with Care!. In the episode, Another Brother, he serves as the supporting protagonist. (later turning in the the main antagonist of that episode)


Bowlboy, as his name implies, is an anthropomorphic round bowl, who has a large red nose, lime-green bow tie, buck teeth, and three freckles on his cheeks. He also wears shiny black shoes, and has a spoon in his noggin.

In Season 2 and 3, his eyes have turned into a more circular shape, as his pupils become significantly larger, as opposed to his oval eyes and smaller pupils from Season 1.


Bowlboy is quite a cheery bowl, even accepting Mugman's appearance after it is revealed to the public that he lost his handle. When Mugman and Cuphead reject him, however, he does not seem to get upset or disappointed, only seeming to simply ask the audience of what is eating Mugman.

In the episode, "Another Brother", it is revealed that Bowlboy is a sort of "daredevil." However, later on in that exact episode, it was shown that he has never even done any of the crazy stunts and that Cuphead was what inspired him to do the stunts in the first place.


Season One[]

Handle with Care![]

After Mugman attempts to cross-dress as a bride to avoid having his broken handle to be seen to the public, a gust of wind blows it all away and thus scares the crowd of people. That is when Bowlboy appears, making a positive comment on how Mugman looks swell. Afterwards, Mugman snaps at him before he and Cuphead walks away in disgust. He then faces towards the audience and asks, "Gee, what's eatin' him?".

Season Two[]

Another Brother[]

When Cuphead was looking for a new brother, Bowlboy appears to be doing fascinating tricks which then attracted Cuphead. Cuphead looked for the fascinating tricks guy until he realised it was Bowlboy. Bowlboy said he was a loose cannon and likes to daredevil while he was doing stunts with his bicycle. Cuphead was impressed by Bowlboy until Bowlboy shoved dynamite in his mouth. Cuphead was shocked and took the dynamite out of his mouth and threw them to a random place (and of course it exploded). Then, after that, Cuphead and his new brother, Bowlboy, started doing all sorts of crazy stuff like stunts, diving into the ocean, surfing on a train, (with the inclusion of Bowlboy knocking out the conductor to make the train accelerate) and putting extreme spice in bowls of chilli.

Soon, Cuphead went to the cottage and grabbed the gunpowder and left Mugman behind. After that, Mugman spotted Cuphead and Bowlboy together. After a short conversation between Cuphead and Mugman, Cuphead and Bowlboy then walked to a cliff and got their rocket. When they arrived, Bowlboy filled the rocket with the gunpowder when suddenly some gunpowder bursted a small hole in the rocket. Cuphead placed a bandage and asked if it was safe. Bowlboy jumps down the ladder and told Cuphead about what happened to not worrying, and then said that Mugman wouldn't do anything this crazy. Cuphead then agreed and told Bowlboy that he made a good point. After that, Bowlboy and Cuphead strapped themselves to the rocket. Bowlboy then said he hasn't done anything this crazy before, confusing Cuphead. Cuphead then asked if he was actually irresponsible, careless and simply unhinged, but Bowlboy replied that he was actually doing things he thought Cuphead would do. He also said he wanted to learn from him, be like him, and become him. Cuphead was shocked and freezed when asking something, while Bowlboy got a match and lighted it up with fire and replied "Nothing". Bowlboy then lighted up the rope to blast the rocket until Cuphead took his arms out of the rope. Bowlboy asked where he is going and Cuphead replied that he was going back to his real brother as he took his legs of the rope, so Bowlboy then got blasted off in the rocket and Cuphead was scared if Bowlboy would die. As Bowlboy screamed, it ended with Bowlboy going between the two cliffs, but then the rocket exploded, though Bowlboy still survived. After that, he fell down from the air and crashed down on the floor. All of his body parts were cracked into pieces, except his face. He said he was still okay when a tiny stone fell of the cliff and landed on Bowlboy's face, making it crack into pieces. Cuphead then winced when Bowlboy's body parts were all cracked into pieces.

After Mugman said he was over protective and then flew another rocket with Cuphead and crashed, they ended up in the Inkwell Hospital, wrapped with a bunch of bandages. Mugman then apologized to Cuphead for suggesting that they should find new brothers. After the short conversation, the doctor then entered the room, revealing himself to be Bowlboy. Cuphead and Mugman were shocked that Bowlboy is the doctor, and then Bowlboy said, "And I've got a few tricks up my sleeve." He then takes out an injection and laughs maniacally as the episode ends abruptly.

Season Three[]

Unlike Season 1 or 2, Bowlboy's role has been severally lowered down to making minor cameos in some episodes.

A Very Devil Christmas[]

In the episode, he is seen in the beginning skating around, and holding hands with other civilians before the The Devil cracks the ice the group was standing on.

Down & Out[]

While King Dice was singing his song, Bowlboy and many other characters ran over to the club to see his comeback.

The Devil & Ms. Chalice[]

Bowlboy is one of the many audience characters teleported to the Devil's arena.



  • A similar female bowl character appears in a movie theater audience in In Charm's Way.
    • What differs this bowl from Bowlboy is her eyelashes, lack of buck teeth, freckles, and spoon, and that her arms are seemingly grey instead of their color being connected to the body, although this may be because of shadowing.