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The Bothersome Blueberry is an enemy in the run n' gun level Forest Follies.


Bothersome Blueberries appear very similar to Goopy Le Grande, except that they have thin, short light grey limbs with white gloves and brown shoes and they are also very small.


These berries will run around on platforms in some sections of the level, and will damage Cuphead/Mugman by contact. It only takes one hit from any weapon to defeat them, but they won't die, instead, they'll become a puddle of blue slime and recover themselves in a few seconds.



  • Two Bothersome Blueberries were originally supposed to be in the third phase of the level with Goopy Le Grande: Ruse Of An Ooze.
  • The Bothersome Blueberries are blueberries (according to Tina Nawrocki) But Goopy Le Grande is considered a slime, even though they look very similar.
    • This could only be a pre-release error, since Chad Mouldenhour created Goopy Le Grande before Tina was hired, and when she was hired she took Goopy Le Grande as inspiration to make her own character, not knowing what Goopy Le Grande actually was, so she assumed that he was a cartoony blueberry, thus also calling The Bothersome Blueberry a blueberry.
  • The Bothersome Blueberries revive themselves after being killed, similar to Dry Bones from the Super Mario series.
    • The difference is that Bothersome Berries turn into puddles when killed while Dry Bones collapse into piles of bones when killed. Also, they both rebuild themselves to revive themselves.
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