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Bootlegger Boogie is a level on Inkwell Isle Four where the Moonshine Mob is fought. It is represented on the map by the cave with a spider web.


"One-two punch, you and da cops are eatin' dirt. Bingo bingo!"
Charlie Left Legs, Phase 1 Death Screen

The battle starts with the Moonshine Mob and the Ant Cop in a yelling match at each other while the snail announces the fight. All the bugs then leave while Charlie Left Legs stays to fight the player first.


  • Charlie Left Legs walking across without doing anything.
  • Charlie Left Legs uses a wireless button trigger to launch exploding bombs with skulls painted onto them, hanging from cobwebs.
  • Charlie Left Legs holds a vintage telephone and calls in Fly Goons that move across the screen.
  • Charlie Left Legs briefly holds a Caterpillar Mobster, and then kicks it flying across the screen and bounces until it is defeated.
  • Occasionally, Ant Cops come in from any side of the screen and shoot pesticide at Charlie Left Legs.
After taking enough damage, Charlie Left Legs appears dazed and fall, while also lowering the Light Bug down for the next phase.

"This dance is over, there's no excuse…you couldn't handle the giggle juice."
Light Bug, Phase 2 Death Screen

In the second phase, the Light Bug dances on the middle platform and will constantly move. Attacks:

  • The gramophone occasionally produces harming soundwaves, which is preceded by a warning.

In this phase, Moonshine Barrels and Ant Cops walk across the screen, some barrels can be parried.

After the Light Bug takes enough damage as well, she will hurl on her knees, before rushing back to her gramophone and being lifted back up. In Simple Mode, she remains on her knees and will not go back to the gramophone as the fight ends there.

"One thing dis nose knows is, youse cups gonna be pushin' up roses!"

"Surprise! Forgetting about da boss ain't wise."
Anteater and Announcer Snail, Phase 3 and 4 Death Screen

After the Light Bug leaves, the Anteater breaks the upper two bridges before revealing the snail under his hat. The snail can be damaged when revealed here, which depletes the health of the whole boss fight. The Anteater then proceeds to attack

Third Phase Attacks:

  • The Anteater occasionally sticks its snout out to either side of the screen, which it eventually licks up a group of Ant Cops and Fly Goons to spit them out while they are in a scuffle. The fight cloud bounces around the screen until they are defeated.
  • It also can fake out extending its tongue to trick players into thinking it will attack.

A fake out knockout banner is then lowered after the Anteater takes enough damage. The Announcer Snail then is revealed moving onto the final phase.

Final Phase Attacks:

  • The Announcer Snail yells out soundwaves targeted at the player. Some soundwaves can be parried.
After the Announcer Snail takes enough damage, the real announcer will clear his throat and announce the real knockout as the Announcer Snail constantly is shaken on the Anteater's head.


Regular Mode Expert Mode
How_To_Beat_Moonshine_Mob_NO_DAMAGE_(A+_Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC How_To_Beat_Moonshine_Mob_on_EXPERT_MODE_(S-Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC


Version Soundtrack
Original/In-game soundtrack Bootlegger_Boogie
Death screen soundtrack Cuphead_-_The_Delicious_Last_Course_"Bootlegger_Boogie"_-Game_Over_Ver.-



  • This is the one of the two boss levels, where its Simple Mode counterpart loses two phases, with the other being Junkyard Jive!.
  • This is the only level with a different announcer voice.
  • The pesticide shot by the police bugs during the first phase will actually damage Charlie Left Legs if he comes into contact with one of the clouds, though not enough to be considered significant.
  • This is one of the first boss soundtracks to include vocal, being scatting by Alana Bridgewater, the voice of King Dice in the game. The others being High-Noon Hoopla and A Dish To Die For.
  • The bootlegging theme of this boss is a reference to the prohibition of the 1920s and 1930s. Since alcohol was illegal in the United States at the time, people decided to break the law and attempt to make their own alcohol in secret, known as bootlegging. Also, Ant Cops in this battle that fire pesticide at the boss - not the player, further enforcing the theme of the illegality of bootlegging.
  • The fake knockout is quite notorious among players as it lures them into a false sense of hope to allow the Announcer Snail to catch them off guard.
  • When the waves of music turn red in Phase 2, the background music actually get distorted.
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