"Doggone! We got ourselves a good ol' fashioned honey heist!"
Bob The Bee, Death Screen

Bob the Bee is a minor boss who is summoned upon Rumor Honeybottoms's signal, fought in the Honeycomb Herald boss level of Inkwell Isle Three.



Bob is a bee of stocky build, with a shaggy mustache and a distinctive auburn nose, wearing an Edwardian policeman uniform and a British Constable's helmet, with white gloves, black trousers, and blue sneakers.


Bob the Bee's personality, is akin to that of a stereotypical civil servant, striving to protect and serve his race, as is his duty. Much like Rumor, he also believes that Cuphead and Mugman are here for the honey rather than Rumor's soul contract.



Rumor will send Bob the Bee after the player(s) during the first phase of the battle. Bob will drop bee bombs that explode after a 5-second delay and release 6 spikes, 3 of which can be parried. In Simple and Expert mode, the bomb release 8 spikes, 4 of which can be parried.

Throughout the whole fight, the honey at the bottom of the screen is continuously rising upwards, and players have to jump up hurriedly to avoid the honey by using the platforms. The honey appears in the first phase and the second phase only, as in the final phase, it is replaced with Rumor in her airplane mode. In Simple mode, the scrolling section is slower. In Expert mode, it is faster.

After taking enough damage, Bob will suffer an injury to his shoulder and a plaster will appear in that region. He then departs, rubbing his shoulder and moaning "Owww..." in pain, flying off the screen to the left as Rumor intervenes to continue the battle. This commences phase 2 for Rumor Honeybottom's battle.

It is recommended to use Lobber, Roundabout or Chaser this fight, as the player can hit him at almost all times.

Attack Projectiles

Name Phase Parried
Bee Bomb
N/A Yes


  • Bob the Bee acts as a British police officer as evident by the shouting of "Oi Oi Oi" and the outfit he wears, although oddly enough, he uses old-fashioned Andy Griffith-Esque American slang in his death screen (see above).

Inspirations and similarities

  • Bob the Bee seems to be inspired by a policeman ant from the 1940 cartoon Ants in the Plants.
  • Bob the Bee is a pun on the word "bobby" - a slang term for a British policeman, the term being a derogatory reference to the founder of British Law enforcement, Sir Robert Peel.
  • His design may have been inspired by Buzz the Bee, the Honey Nut Cheerios mascot


Description Audio
The Policeman Bee enters.


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