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Bhdbsucbsd Bhdbsucbsd 3 days ago

Guys I found a easter egg. If you search cha cha slide on a mobile or PC, You can see a sparkling mic

Hey I found a google easter egg

(According to the title). If you search cha cha slide on mobile or desktop. There will be a glittering mic .

And if you click on it, You can make the page dance.

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Soozafanbacc Soozafanbacc 16 days ago


Here it is guys

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Jaayers2013 Jaayers2013 20 days ago

Is the books in the game universe

Are the books canon to the game?

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Slavalle2026 Slavalle2026 23 days ago

Wraken De Jong

Wraken De Jong is the third boss of Inkwell Isle V and the third boss overall of Cuphead: This Is Not The End!. He's fought in the level Wacky Breck.

  • 1 Description
    • 1.1 Appearance
    • 1.2 Personality
  • 2 Battle
    • 2.1 Intro
    • 2.2 Phase 1
    • 2.3 Phase 2
    • 2.4 Phase 3
    • 2.5 Phase 4
    • 2.6 Phase 5

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Inky100 Inky100 23 days ago

Wondertart ingredients for the base game bosses

In this blog entry, you can leave comments about your ideas for Wondertart ingredients that the bosses from the base game could have. We can just assume that you'll simply begin with all those ingredients at the beginning of the DLC and just have to fight the "Wondertart ingredient guardians" to get the last ones.

I'd recommend you to write your ideas in the following format:

  • Name: The name of the ingredient.
  • Boss: The boss you get the ingredient from.
  • Appearance: How the ingredient looks like. Writing the appearance of an anthropomorphic version of it is optional.
  • Attack: How Chef Saltbaker uses the ingredient during his boss fight. You can choose whatever phase he'll use it in (including the third and fourth), or even make up an additional phase…
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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 20 March

I Don’t Ship Cuphead X Mugman

Okay, here’s why I don’t ship them; (Note: This isn’t meant to harass anyone, please don’t start drama over this) As you might’ve expected, the reason why I don’t ship them is because they are brothers. When I first joined this fandom at the age of 10, I loved it when these 2 warmed up to each other in fanwork. I found it wholesome! I however, hated this ship. I hated incest ships back then and I still do today. I was also kind of homophobic back then because I didn’t understand that LGBT was actually a thing back then, but thankfully, not anymore. I still hate this ship though, because they are brothers.

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 20 March

Cuphead Shipping Link Chart

Yeah, it looks messy. XD Don’t be surprised if I ever remake this.

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Greyson20191 Greyson20191 10 March


I am so welcomed to be here

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K1dc0r33333!! K1dc0r33333!! 9 March

Give me requests to draw something or someone ig

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K1dc0r33333!! K1dc0r33333!! 9 March


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NōnēmuGamer1634 NōnēmuGamer1634 9 February 2021

My Cuphead OCs

Here's the list of Cuphead OCs that I have made.

  • 1 Bosses
  • 2 NPCs
  • 3 Run n' gun enemies
    • 3.1 Alarming Agriculture
    • 3.2 Strained Studio
    • 3.3 Gruesome Graveyard
    • 3.4 Rainy Rankle
    • 3.5 Vexatious Volcano
  • 4 Boss level enemies
    • 4.1 Archeological Assault
    • 4.2 Thunderous Tragedy
    • 4.3 Freezing Fear
    • 4.4 Mesozoic Captivity
    • 4.5 It's Alive!!
  • 5 Mausoleum level enemies
    • 5.1 Mausoleum Hardcore |
  • 6 Sub-Bosses
    • 6.1 Run n' gun levels
    • 6.2 Mausoleum levels
  • 7 Miscellaneous

West-ley Coyote

Hale Copter

Snow Queen Sarah

Pamilla Paleozoic

Trevor Triassic

Jadyn Jurassic

Corvin Cretaceous

Ravenous Russell

Francis Stein



Boogie Manny






Cryptic Kyle

May Anne Hayes


Cuckoo Chicken

Hay Bale


Cowgirl Catherine

Sheepish Sheep

Brawling Bird

Hazardous Hog

Fearsome Fan

Mural Moose

Galit Gargoyle


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No ducks here No ducks here 5 February 2021

more updates

looking forward to their being more updates on the game

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Gsguedes Gsguedes 26 November 2020

New year resolutions for the Wiki.

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to User:Capitano Nox, User:Cheetah-shooter and User:I=-Vanya-=I for doing what they've been doing as active sysops.

The Cuphead Wiki will, from now until January, suffer a major redesign, in which this gorgeous font also is a part of. I'm doing that because the Wiki's probably gonna be between the most searched things (about Cuphead) when we get next to the launch of the DLC Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (which, also, was recently delayed by StudioMDHR) and the launch of the Netflix original animated series The Cuphead Show!.

We know people do not search, like every single time, for the Cuphead Wiki, but we need to make sure the Wiki itself is gonna be the best place in the world for people who want to know…

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Sevans22 Sevans22 21 November 2020

Cuphead and Mugman in Cuphead Land

Do Not Read Yet! I'm still working on it!

The story starts At Elder Kettle's house.

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EmeraldTheIrken EmeraldTheIrken 26 October 2020

Ah just a place to put memez

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NōnēmuGamer1634 NōnēmuGamer1634 16 October 2020

Equations Of Every Run 'N' Gun Level

Plants Vs. Zombies + Mario mushroom + Cagney's children + Goopy's children + N U T + Put a dispenser here + Dean Takahashi failing miserably on this level = Forest Follies

Wally's brother + A Bug's Life + Moth Lamp meme + Stumps with noses for some reason + MosYEETo + "How does a log turn into a tree, and then the sky?" + The Dragonfly burning stuff = Treetop Trouble

Sausage Party + Magikoopa magician + Headbanging minions that are made of metal + Banana Fight + The soundtrack is often confused for the Athletic theme of SMW + "Remove the 'F', and it's unfair" = Funfair Fever

Abstract art + BEEP BEEP I'M A SHEEP + Checkerboard wall + Pinocchio + Optical illusions + Tina didn't animate any of the enemies in this level + BWAAAAAAAAAA!!! + Duck …

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Gatamaatoll Gatamaatoll 13 October 2020

Quick Reminder!

Hello everyone! I've been seeing accounts that have names that use "The#-BitFlower" format, and I just wanted to clarify that these people are not me, and have no affiliation with me at all. My YouTube account is where I link all my social media pages, so if you don't see them there, don't trust them!


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NōnēmuGamer1634 NōnēmuGamer1634 23 September 2020

One of the Cuphead developers noticed me (it was three days ago, but kek)

(Click the image to see the full response)

I can't believe Tina replied to me, when I told her that I like her Pickaxe Goatman in Rugged Ridge. This is too wholesome for me.

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NōnēmuGamer1634 NōnēmuGamer1634 14 September 2020

Hello there!

My internet name is Nōnēmu, but you can call me "Nōnēmu The Goat Fan" if you would like (the goatman enemy in Rugged Ridge is cool, in my opinion). I have been a fan of Cuphead since December 2017 (though I didn't get to play it until June/July 2018).

Hilda Berg
Werner Werman
Baroness Von Bon Bon
The Legendary Chalice
Goopy Le Grande
Cala Maria
Sally Stageplay
Pickaxe Goat

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LETS GO673 LETS GO673 19 July 2020


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Lion-OLordoftheKittyKats Lion-OLordoftheKittyKats 15 July 2020

can someone delete the pages lul and temporary page and help me with the page Jacks?

pls help i just wanna help this place out

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CobraKing999 CobraKing999 6 May 2020

Cuphead Themed Mario Party Game Idea

Now I have this idea for a while in which it's a Mario Party game based on Cuphead with the boards inspired by the bosses within Cuphead but the only problem I have is coming up names for these boards so I was wondering if there's anyone who would be able to do it?

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Bendyfan31 Bendyfan31 21 February 2020

Fan Songs

All righty now, here are all the fansongs i found on Youtube!

Brothers In Arms (By DA Games)

The Final Straw (By CG5)

Milk Milk Lemonade (By The Stupendium)

Devil's Gonna Getcha (By Kyle Allen Music)

It's Up To You (By K-MODO)

Cuphead Cartoon Rap Battle (By Mashed) Cuphead Rap (By JT Music)

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Ma Ma 16 February 2020


Hey guys.

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Cuphead665 Cuphead665 27 December 2019

My discord

I chat with many people. I like it!

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Francy07 Francy07 14 December 2019

Your Cuphead OC

Make a cuphead good or boss oc.











Voice Effects:


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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 27 November 2019

Cuphead Characters' Favorite Foods & Drinks

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Master froun Master froun 6 November 2019

Fanmade boss discussion

Do whatever you want. Make a fanmade boss battle.

Planty plant:

Stage name:

Suspicious corn feild!


Corn and a cob (Hole thing)

Corn and a cob (pink)

Corn and a cob (short piece)

Faze 2:

Tiny leaf

Tiny leaf (pink)

Faze 3:

Corn stone (Hole thing)

Corn stone (tiny)

Faze 1 name:

Chomper plant

Faze 2 name:

Mr. Bush

Faze 3 name:

The gorg stone

Death screens:

Faze 1:

I did not even know you were very very week.

Faze 2:

You knew I was born in a cursed plant. Did you?

Faze 3:

Do you Even recinice me? The time has passed mug boy!




Difficulty health:



Faze 2:




Faze 2:


Faze 3:



Root whip (20%)

Root whip (pink)

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Ma Ma 28 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys. Happy Halloween!

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Smartphone563 Smartphone563 24 October 2019


now go!

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Animaljamrock123 Animaljamrock123 21 July 2019

Sky island (cuphead)

Sky island is a place where everything base off on space,happiness and nature lives and have. funtime. It is a giant part of land made of green and blue rocks that levitate in midair above inkwell isle's observatory and has a dome so you can breathe high in the sky.there are 5 location:the security entertains, a giant pink,lightblue,purple and green tie dye sparkly lake with a waterfall,a neighbor fills with cloud made houses,for work park to watch the fireworks and a forest with candy cane trees with cotton candy as leaves and cherries on the branches.


Little is known for sky island past but it was protected with Hilda berg's heart to keep all the citizens protected from any incoming disaster that happen during event.


  • starry…
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Bertie11 Bertie11 20 June 2019

Fan made Cuphead boss - Colin Caveman

Colin Caveman is a Cuphead boss in the DLC. He is master of the dinosaurs (I am aware Caveman and dinosaurs didn’t live together)

Intro- Colin calls forth his pet Brontosaurus, Fido. Phase 1 - Colin will shoot his slingshot at his foes or throw a dagger at them. The rocks from the slingshot spin as they head towards Cuphead. Fido will use his tail to create a crack in the ground, making Cuphead jump. Colin will also summon several dinosaurs

Velociraptor- Velociraptor attacks by jumping in the air and slicing with its claws. When it is in mid air, it stops completely to slice.

Pteranodon - seen throughout the entire battle. It drops eggs that explode onto Cuphead and will come closer, allowing him to shoot it.

Struthiomimus - runs forward at li…

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Animaljamrock123 Animaljamrock123 28 May 2019

Starry bisk

Starry bisk is a living shooting star who is friends with Hilda berg.She help her on a mission to help save her kingdom and stop that Cuphead and mugman. Hilda berg is a scientist who studies the stars and that probably why she's friends with her. Starry husk is a helper to Hilda berg,helping her in tight situations. During the day,she is yellow.During at night,she turn white and can glow.She also help cuphead and mugman guiding her to hilda berg. She can fly and can smoke dash without using the smoke bomb.Hilda berg is a caretaker as she take care of bisk and all of the citizen in sky island where bisk lives.Starry bisk hang out with the citizen until Hilda berg comes to hang out.

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Animaljamrock123 Animaljamrock123 18 May 2019

Henry the little tadpole

Henry is the blind Spector 's little brother. He is act like a curious and complaining kids and he sound like a little girl.

He first born when blind Spector was doing gymnastics in front of the phantom express members and a flying pumpkin dropped a pink brick on him and the wirecord slice his tail off and blind Spector lost conscious. Blind Spector then grab his tail and squeeze it forming a sphere.henry face started to appear. Henry and blind Spector are the best brother ever.Blind Spector is over protected with his little brother. Later,Henry fell down a hole and blind Spector try to get him but the hole is too small,so he take out one of his eyes and connect to a wire that attach to a small  tv so the others can watch. Henry later grew …

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Teatim Teatim 5 April 2019

is this real?

please tell me this is real

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TsarTheFloofyBoi TsarTheFloofyBoi 3 March 2019

Sorry for inactiveness.

Sorry for being inactive. Lol.

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Gatamaatoll Gatamaatoll 28 February 2019

Comments are gone so I'll just make memes on blog posts

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Gatamaatoll Gatamaatoll 20 February 2019

Hello, The8-BitFlower Here

Hello everyone, yes its me, The8-BitFlower. I decided to close my old account because I was worried about anyone harrasing me for the mistakes I have made. Once I checked back after it closed, I saw all the nice messages people sent me after my departure. I apologize for any mishaps, and/or mistakes I have made. If I offended you in anyway, I'm sorry, If I abused my power, I'm sorry. After I left, I saw how the Wiki went to partial chaos (spam, and harrasment). I am in no way asking for my administration rights back. After how I was somewhat of a jerk, I don't deserve them. And if you don't belive its really me, check my YouTube channel with the few links left on this wiki, and you'll see a link to my FANDOM page. Anyways thank you for rea…

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Gsguedes Gsguedes 20 January 2019

Changes to the Cuphead Wiki Staff

The Cuphead Wiki's got to announce the very new changes to the Cuphead Wiki Staff.

  • User:Capitano Nox's now a bureaucrat.
  • User:Skate Goats' now a bureaucrat.
  • User:Wiki-LPS100's now an administrator.
  • User:Cheetah-shooter's now a discussions moderator and content moderator.
  • User:GJ-Lewis X's now a discussions moderator and content moderator.
  • User:I=-Vanya-=I's now a regular user.
  • User:Gatamaatoll's now a content moderator.

The Cuphead Wiki Staff appreciate everyone's efforts to make the wiki grow even further.

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Potatoz sean Potatoz sean 18 January 2019

Create your own mini bosses

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Demo ver1.2.11 Demo ver1.2.11 14 November 2018


I can be anything except girls.

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LPS Doggy Productions LPS Doggy Productions 5 November 2018


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JunkoLovesKokichi JunkoLovesKokichi 25 October 2018


I edit things and or bosses! 

just tell me somethin wrong with a page,and  i will replace with real info!

no false info,okay?

cala,signing out!

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Giannematesproductions Giannematesproductions 24 October 2018



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Giannematesproductions Giannematesproductions 24 October 2018


i'm a fangirl i can't explain

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Giannematesproductions Giannematesproductions 24 October 2018

me in a nutshell

why am i here

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TSRITW TSRITW 23 October 2018

Some Equations I Made

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Cheetah-shooter Cheetah-shooter 4 October 2018

Cuphead Master Mode Isle Two

The page was getting too long, for the first Isle: Inkwell Isle One

  • 1 Baroness Von Bon Bon HP = 4460
    • 1.1 Baroness Von Bon Bon Phase 1 HP = 620
    • 1.2 Lord Gob Packer HP = 480
    • 1.3 Kernel Von Pop HP = 500
    • 1.4 Muffsky Chernikov HP = 425
    • 1.5 Sargent Gumbo Gumball HP = 540
    • 1.6 Sir Waffington III and Sir Tobler I, Esquire HP = 325*2
    • 1.7 Koneradice Kramer HP = 520
    • 1.8 Baroness Von Bon Bon Phase 2 HP = 725
  • 2 Wally Warbles HP = 5700
    • 2.1 Phase 1-1 (Birdhouse) HP = 1123
    • 2.2 Phase 1-2 (Angry whistle) HP = 1477
    • 2.3 Willy Warbles HP = 966
    • 2.4 Phase 2 (Stretcher) HP = 1519
    • 2.5 Phase 3 (Skeleton) HP = 615
  • 3 Djimmi The Great HP = 5625
    • 3.1 Phase 1-1 (Treasure) HP = 300
    • 3.2 Phases 1-2, 1-3 (Treasure+) HP = 350, 400
    • 3.3 Phase 2 (Pillars)
    • 3.4 Phase 3 HP = 1875 (Sarcophagus)
    • 3.5 Cuppet, Golden Cuppet and …

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DCT0473 DCT0473 13 September 2018

Each Boss Theme Best to Worst:

Self Explanitory. Let's jump in, shall we?

  • 1 Best: Admission to Perdition:
  • 2 2nd Place: Railroad Wrath:
  • 3 3rd Place: Aviary Action:
  • 4 4th Place: Threatenin' Zepplin:
  • 5 5th Place: Carnival Kerfuffle:
  • 6 6th Place: A Ruse of Ooze:
  • 7 7th Place: The Airship:
  • 8 8th Place: Pyramid Peril:
  • 9 9th Place: Dramatic Fanatic:
  • 10 10th Place: Clip Joint Calamity:
  • 11 #11: High Seas Hi-jinx:
  • 12 #12: Botanic Panic:
  • 13 #13: Floral Fury:
  • 14 #14: Murine Corps:
  • 15 #15: Junkyard Jive:
  • 16 #16: One Hell of a Time:
  • 17 #17: The King's Court:
  • 18 #18: Sugarland Shimmy:
  • 19 #19: Shootin' and Lootin':
  • 20 #20: Firey Frolic:
  • 21 #21: Honeycomb Herald:

Probably my favorite boss theme. I like how nearly every other boss theme is incorporated, and the melody is nice, too.

Such a memorable piece for a such a great boss. I …

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