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The Birnbaum Quadruplets are the four ghost siblings who serve as the main antagonists of The Cuphead Show! episode, "Dead Broke." They are characters original to the show.




Birnbaum #1[]


Birnbaum #2[]


Birnbaum #3[]


Birnbaum #4[]



Season 2[]

"Dead Broke"[]

They appear in the climax of this episode, where Ms. Chalice find them trapped in four portraits above a fireplace, before reading the message on top of the portraits, revealing that saying all four of their names will release their spirits from the portraits.

Due to Ms. Chalice already reading all four of the sisters' names, their spirits are freed, as they capture Chalice within the portrait offscreen.

Cuphead and Mugman then enter the house, before the quadruplets start tormenting them as soon as they enter. The two then confuse them with Ms. Chalice messing around with them, before crashing down in the front where they find out Chalice has already been captured, as the Birnbaum Quadruplets then reveal themselves. They then reveal their intention to kidnap anybody within their portraits and keep them there for the next century so that they can go out and have some fun instead of always being trapped, and that by midnight, anybody who's still in a portrait will stay there for the next century.

The brothers then realize they have to keep the Quadruplets in the portrait for the next 4 minutes, while avoiding to get trapped themselves. Both groups then fight over of who gets to be trapped, before three out of the four portraits get destroyed, and the battle ends with Ms. Chalice trapping all four of the quadruplets within the last portrait before midnight strikes, and thus, traps them for another century.


  • The name Birnbaum is German for Pear Tree.
  • All four of them have first and last names starting with B.