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Billiard Chalks are enemies found with Mangosteen in All Bets Are Off! level from Inkwell Hell.


They are billiard chalks with stern-looking faces appearing in three different colored types:

  1. Indigo with a lighter yellow-brown top and a golden nose.
  2. Green with a pinkish top and a salmon/red nose.
  3. Orange with a periwinkle top and an indigo nose.


The billiard chalks drop from the sky in an attempt to crush the player(s). The chalks are completely immune to Cuphead and Mugman's attacks. The chalks will try again by jumping in an arc and slamming down on them, the green one jumps the highest, then indigo, and the lowest is orange, but this is also easy to avoid. Usually there will only be two different color chalks on screen. In Expert Mode, all three colored chalks can be on screen at the same time.


  • If the billiard chalks are on-screen as Mangosteen is defeated, they will fly away aimlessly.
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