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Big Ol' Christmas Tree is a song in The Cuphead Show!, sung in the episode Holiday Tree-dition. It was composed by Ego Plum. The song is about Elder Kettle, Cuphead, and Mugman going to go get a Christmas tree.


Elder Kettle: When I think of Christmas time, this is what I know.

Elder Kettle: It's all about tradition, stockings, gifts, and snow!

Elder Kettle: But nothing else says Christmas, so very clear to me.

Elder Kettle: It just quite isn't Christmas...

Elder Kettle: Without a Big Ol' Christmas Tree!!

Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle: Ol' Christmas tree, Christmas tree. Shining oh so bright.

Mugman: Plug you in and watch you glow.

Cuphead: Adored with colored lights!

Elder Kettle (while Cuphead and Mugman are singing): Ol' Christmas tree, Christmas tree. We shout you out with glee!

Cuphead and Mugman (while Elder Kettle is singing): Ha, ha, ha. Ho, ho, ho. He, he, he, he, heeeee!!

All: It just quite isn't Christmas, without a Big Ol' Christmas Tree!

Elder Kettle: Whoo!!


  • They said the song name 2 times.