Betty Beet is an unused boss in Cuphead.

Betty would have been part of The Root Pack. She is a female beet who would have moved around while throwing beets at the player.

She also has legs in most of her concept designs, meaning she would have been the first and only member of The Root Pack to have legs.

The unused code shows a concept version of Betty Beet, she has a very similar personality and actions as Weepy. She comes out of the ground happy and holds her left hand in a sassy way, looks around worriedly and starts crying, not because of fear, but to sacrifice her baby beets as attacks. She holds her babies in a paper bag. This is later finalized in the colored concept art.

From the only colored concept art, which appears to be more finalized, she is facing right. This suggests that if she is in the fight, she will pop out from the ground on the left side of the screen and be stationary like the other members. Unlike the other concept art, she has no legs to move around and spinning leaves. She is angry and still held her left hand in a sassy way, but she doesn't hesitate to grab her baby "like a stress ball" to throw them into the leaves to attack the players.


  • Betty Beet's main attack from the colored concept art looks like she throws her babies into her leaves (which, unlike other concepts, is spinning) which causes the babies to split into pieces, it is unknown if this was her only attack.
  • In the game's unused code version shows she would throw three types of baby beets, a normal one, a fat one which explodes to deal Area-of-Effect damage and a parryable one. This may not apply to the colored concept art as the development has already been drastically different.



  • Betty Beet is a reference to Max Fleischer's Betty Boop because their first names are both "Betty" and their last names both begin with a B, followed by 2 vowels.
    • They are also both female.
  • It is unclear whether she wears heels or if she wears sandals, as her concept art appears to switch between the two shoe types.
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