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The Bee Workers are obstacle enemies residing in the Honeycomb Herald boss level of Inkwell Isle Three.


The Worker Bees are male bees wearing business uniforms; black pants, brown/orange shoes and a tie, yellow shirt and black shirt collars. They carry a hazelnut brown luggage, and sports yellow stingers, big red noses, droopy "hair", and very miserable look upon their faces.


Bee Workers will appear during the first phase against Security Bee before confronting Rumor Honeybottoms on the next phase, flying across the screen that do not directly attack the players. However, they do personally act as harmful obstacles, since the player(s) may get damaged if running into or contacted by them.

The Bee Workers will stop appearing once the player(s) reached the second phase after beating Security Bee, (one might appear directly after the policeman bee is beaten.) unless it is in Simple mode, in which they will still come out at the second phase, and because it is the last phase for that difficulty, they essentially come out through the whole fight.


  • The usage of male bee workers during this stage may be a play to the term "office drones".
    • Taken together, the bee workers and the Honeycomb Herald level's design resembling a combination of an office building and a beehive could be seen as a play on the term "sticky business".
    • The game files refer them as "Grunts".
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