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The Bee Cops are a major antagonist in The Cuphead Show! Serving as the police force in the Inkwell Isles, they are more specifically against Cuphead and Mugman here, due to them (or more specifically, Ms. Chalice) breaking into the cookie factory, and then escaping prison.






"Root Packed"[]

Cuphead attempts to contact them after the Root Pack throws a party in their front yard. As the eggplant bouncer claimed that the cops are not on the list, they are unable to break up the party.

"In Charm's Way"[]

A Bee Cop was seen pursuing after Ms. Chalice, attempting to arrest her for scamming people. However, Ms. Chalice manages to fool him, by disguising herself as a homeless person, before the cop tips her a quarter.

During the climax of the episode, the cops arrive at the factory, prompting Chalice to warn the brother about them. While Ms. Chalice escape through her ghost form, the brother are very unfortunate on the other hand, knocking themselves out just as the cops burst through the doors. Upon noticing this, the brothers then attempt to charm their way out, but fail, leading to their arrests.


A few bee cops are seen patrolling the prison. One can be seen in the cafeteria as Cuphead manages to snatch a fork from another prisoner, while another cop appears in the execution chamber, where he electrocutes Cuphead for attempting to escape prison.

"Charmed & Dangerous"[]

Ms. Chalice mentions them, as she is at large for scamming people.

"Say Cheese!"[]

After Elder Kettle goes insane and chases Cuphead and Mugman through the city, two bee cops, Chief Bea and Rookie, notices the duo for being the escaped convicts of the cookie factory, before Kettle chases the two, and there Bea also recognizes him as the arsonist of the Baby Elder Kettle billboards. Chief Bea then drives her vehicle at full speed, and eventually manages to capture the trio.

Given how the three were released in "Lost in the Woods" it's most likely Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle either finished serving their time, or escaped prison again.

"The Devil & Ms. Chalice"

One of the bee cops are seen teleported onto the seats when the inkwell isle city turns into a hellish version of itself. Just like the citizens and other residents he is terrified.



  • Despite being feared as a cop, they do seem to be scared of the devil, as seen in the episode: The Devil & Ms. Chalice.