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For the in-game character, see Baroness Von Bon Bon.

"My name is Baroness Von Bon Bon, and today is your lucky day!"
Baroness Von Bon Bon introducing herself to Cuphead, Sweet Temptation

Baroness Von Bon Bon is a minor character who serves as the main antagonist of The Cuphead Show! episode, "Sweet Temptation."


She looks mostly the same as her game counterpart. However, she now has mint-blue eyes, her gloves are now white, and the flounces on her dress are lighter with a shine while the skirt is darker. She also has light pink and white tights that resemble candy canes and dark purplish-pink Mary Jane flats.

While she can make various faces, one of the most horrifying has to be one which distorts her facial features. Her teeth become sharp fangs and her eyes become scarlet in color. Her fingers also become boney and clawed to add the fright factor.


At first, the Baroness appears as a very sweet and jolly individual, offering Cuphead the chance to eat all the sweets he desires. However, during her introduction, she is shown to be rather unstable; frequently laughing and grinning maniacally and moving erratically. Upon being called out on this, she mentions not getting out much, and is in fact unable to leave Sugarland due to an ancient curse, which could explain her neurotic behavior. It's also noted that she refers to children as "disgusting," hinting a dislike towards them. She's rather manipulative, as she tries to tempt Cuphead into eating her castle, even "turning [her] back in case he [wanted] to sneak a bite".

Near the end of the episode, she was shown to be gleeful when the two rules were broken and her true intentions are revealed; she is an evil and murderous individual that turns children who break her rules into candy so she can eat them.

Despite these negative traits, she seems to have a sense of humor, as she insists that Cuphead refers to her as "The" when claiming that they are friends now.


Season Two[]

"Sweet Temptation"[]

Baroness makes her debut in this episode, as Cuphead was lead to her domain by a large rolling peppermint. She introduces herself and invites him to eat all the sweets he desires there. Cuphead is initially unwilling to take the offer, since he's read a fairytale where if he were to do so, it would lead him to be eaten by her. The Baroness reassures him that she only eats sweet treats. Though he is still uneasy with her due to her overly eccentric behavior, which is when she mentions her inability to leave Sugarland due to her curse. She then provides Cuphead with two rules; to not tell anyone about Sugarland and to not eat her castle; not even a "teensy-weensy" bite. Though Cuphead has no interest in eating her castle at first, she nearly entices him into doing so, calling it "irresistible" and turning her back on him in case he wants to "sneak a bite". He almost falls for the trap before he stops himself and runs out. Undeterred, she states he'll be back whilst creepily waving goodbye to him.

Cuphead breaks her first rule when he brings his brother along to make up for eating all his halloween candy, and Mugman breaks the second takes a bite out of her castle. She appears to them, seemingly gleeful at the fact they both broke said rules and even laughs maniacally. Cuphead accuses her of wanting to eat them after all, to which she reaffirms irritably that she doesn't eat "disgusting children" and only sweet treats. It is then that the brothers turn into candy themselves that she is able to eat them, and gives chase of them on her castle which is revealed to be sentient.

The two barely escape thanks to her castle causing a wave of frosting to splash them out of the hole in the tree that lead to Sugarland. Though she is upset at the loss, she claims they'll be back as "they always come back" while laughing sinisterly.


  • Her Castle - Her sentient castle is her main residence and pet at the same time. When the Baroness expressed anger at the boys escaping due a wave of frosting he caused, he appeared to look guilty at the lapse.
  • Cuphead and Mugman - She was initially kind and cheery towards Cuphead upon their first meeting, but he was almost immediately put off by her wily behavior, and even quivers in fear when she appears to him after he and his brother broke her rules. Mugman wasn't fazed at seeing her at first until she started to laugh in mad hysteria, which is were he is spooked.



  • The Baroness has explained that she can't leave Sugarland on account of an ancient curse.
    • Exactly what this curse is remains unknown.
  • She states that "They always come back." hinting that there may have been victims before Cuphead and Mugman.
  • She very coincidentally resembles Mommy Long Legs from Poppy Playtime, as they both initially claim to help the protagonists but end up trying to kill them in the end. They both fail (although Mommy Long Legs’ case is dependent on player's actions). They also have nearly identical faces and long fingers representing claws (for both only in their evil forms). The Baroness also makes a rule (#2) that is nearly impossible to not break. Mommy Long Legs makes her first two games nearly impossible to win while the final one is impossible to win without the player cheating. This results in Mommy Long Legs chasing the player.
  • In the Dutch dub of The Cuphead Show, the baroness is voiced by Melise de Winter, the Dutch voice of Pinkie Pie; a character who also loves sweets and candy.