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Balloon Boy and Balloon Girl are enemies found in the Funfair Fever of Inkwell Isle Two.


The balloons come in three colors: blue, green and pink. The blue ones are males with dot-like eyes, a round nose and a buck tooth, while the green and pink one are girls with lipstick, a button nose and big eyes with large eyelashes. Green balloons have a red bow on the left side of their head and red lipstick, while the pink ones have a purple bow with magenta lipstick.


They spawn in the tent where the trampoline is. They fly around in a wave pattern and if Cuphead or Mugman shoot at the balloons, they will start to inflate and explode into bullets that travel in eight directions. The pink balloons can be parried, but they won't be defeated, instead they're just used to give the player(s) an extra push.



  • Balloon Boy and Balloon Girl's names are unofficial. They come from a tweet made by their designer, Tina Nawrocki. [1]
  • The pink balloons are one of the easiest ways to earn the achievement bouncing ball and to do Buster's quest.
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