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"... Mama."
Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle is a supporting antagonist in The Cuphead Show!, serving as the titular main antagonist of Baby Bottle and the unseen overarching antagonist of Don't Answer the Door. He is voiced by Christina Milizia.



Baby Bottle is a baby in the shape of a literal baby bottle, with an off-white body and red top. He has a red button-nose and has one tooth sticking out of his mouth. He wears a light blue smock, similar to old-fashioned baby clothing, and white gloves.


Baby Bottle outwardly looks like a normal baby, easily gain the affection of anyone he meets, and will call people he likes "Mama" (notably Mugman and Elder Kettle). However, he has a devious streak, and will cause mischief with no remorse for his actions. When the person he likes inevitably disapproves of his actions, Baby Bottle will say "Mama" disapprovingly, and subsequently beat the person up with superhuman strength.


Season One[]

Baby Bottle[]

Cuphead and Mugman are at home when Elder Kettle goes out for his weekly mustache waxing. Before he leaves, he lays out several rules, which include "no fighting", and not to touch his radio. Once he leaves, Cuphead and Mugman immediately start fighting, but are careful when around Elder Kettle's radio. While they are distracted fighting, the doorbell rings, and they answer it expecting Elder Kettle to be back. Instead, Baby Bottle is on their doorstep, in a bassinet, with a note reading "Please take care of baby". Cuphead and Mugman are immediately charmed by Baby Bottle's cuteness, and bring him inside.

Baby Bottle quickly warms up to Mugman, even calling him "Mama", but he immediately cries when held by Cuphead. Mugman leaves to make Baby Bottle some milk.

Cuphead again tries to play with Baby Bottle, but it sprays him with milk and runs rampant around the living room, almost breaking Elder Kettle's radio. Mugman walks back into the room and sees the baby, who has just broken the fish bowl, on top of the piano. Mugman's only comment is that broken glass on the floor is dangerous for a baby. Cuphead and Mugman head outside to debate over what the baby needs, but the baby locks them both outside. They both panic, even more so when they hear Elder Kettle's radio turn on. To prevent the baby from breaking it, they both knock the door down to get back in, and pull the two apart.

Mugman, still thinking that Baby Bottle is playing around, hand it to him and teddy bear that belonged to him when he was that age. The baby rips off the teddy's head like a madman, deeply angering Mugman. He calls Baby Bottle "a bad baby", prompting him to ominously say "Mama". Baby Bottle swiftly lurks around the room, destroying furniture, causing fires, and breaking Elder Kettle's Radio in an attempt to harm him.

Elder Kettle then returns from his wax, and is surprisingly okay with the living room being destroyed, only getting angry when he sees his radio broken. Cuphead and Mugman both point to baby Bottle. Fooled by the baby's cuteness, Elder Kettle doubts Cuphead and Mugman until the baby rips off his mustache. He calls the baby a "bad baby", prompting Baby Bottle to once again ominously say "Mama", and beat up Elder Kettle. The Cup Bros are then forced to drag Elder Kettle into the kitchen. After preparing and armed, the trio open the door to fight back, only for the baby to be sound asleep in their bassinet.

Later, they leave Baby Bottle at another woman's house, glad to be rid of him.

Season Three[]

Don't Answer the Door[]

A bottle of milk is put in a cradle by Elder Kettle before he leaves to get his mustache waxed, as a revenge prank for Cuphead and Mugman, because they shocked hi with his car battery. However, a bear stole it and drank all of the milk out of it, which terrified Cuphead and Mugman into searching for it, only to find a trail of milk into a bush. They returned home, ashamed that they let "Baby Bottle" die.

Later in the episode, Elder Kettle returns from his mustache wax, and Cuphead and Mugman gave him the terrible news that Baby Bottle was killed. Elder Kettle starts to laugh and tells them that he set it up as an elaborate prank as revenge. Then, the bear comes to return the basket and apologize, but gives them advice about not leaving bottles of milk lying around. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door, leaving the real Baby Bottle there. Elder Kettle and his two kids trick the bear into going outside to investigate. The bear sees Baby Bottle and mistakes him for another bottle of milk. However, when they went to drink Baby Bottle, Baby Bottle beats him up. Elder Kettle closes and locks the door, then made a pun.


  • His abuse of intelligence shares similarities with Manny Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series as they both used it to inconvenience the protagonists in some way.
  • Despite being referred to as a boy, Baby Bottle's gender is actually unknown. He is referred to as "it" in Don't Answer the Door.
  • He never appears onscreen in Don't Answer the Door, but he still says, "Mama..." ominously.