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The Babies are enemies in the Dramatic Fanatic boss level of Inkwell Isle Three.


The Baby Boy has a buzz cut. His hair is copper. He is wearing a airy blue vest and (as revealed after a certain update) a white diaper. The Baby Girl wears all her hair in four braids. These braids are on top of her haid and at the sides, slightly towards the back, and their color is celadon. She is wearing a light green lace vest and a white diaper that an update exposed.


Phase 2[]

In the background, the Babies can damage the players by throwing a milk bottle down on them through the house's nine windows. They start crying when defeated, and have 20 hit points. In Expert mode, the babies appear more often.

If Sally Stageplay's husband was killed by the chandelier being dropped onto his head, the babies will be replaced by their stronger counterpart, the Nun, who can aim her projectiles (which are brown long rectangular sticks that resemble rulers) at Cuphead (and, in multiplayer, Mugman).

Phase 3[]

It is possible that the male baby plays the cherub that throws the fire wheels if Sally Stageplay's husband was killed by the chandelier.

Phase 4[]

The babies, their father, and the priest appear in the background receiving praise from the audience.

Once Sally Stageplay is knocked out, the male baby looks disappointed with his mouth held agape and the female baby covers her eyes.

If Sally Stageplay's husband was killed by the chandelier, the babies and their father will not appear; a Nun will take their place.


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