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"Play as Ms. Chalice and gain access to her moveset."

The Astral Cookie is a charm that is given by Chef Saltbaker as the player started the DLC. It allows the player to play as Ms. Chalice in place of Cuphead or Mugman. In two player mode, only one player can become Ms. Chalice.

As the Astral Plane portal opens up, Ms. Chalice will swap with the player equipped with the cookie. When the portal closes, it will get stuck on their nose and pops it.

If both players equip the Astral Cookie, one of the players who has it will have a unique animation and cannot transform into Ms. Chalice. For Cuphead, he throws up his half of the cookie and tries to catch it with his mouth but misses as it hits his head and hits the ground, much to his frustration; for Mugman, the cookie slips out of his hand, much to his embarrassment. The half of the cookie then breaks into crumbs after it hits the ground.

For the Devil and Chef Saltbaker, Ms. Chalice is shocked, freezes up in midair, and her "hair" and straw stands up. Cuphead or Mugman's ghost will hold his head or bite his nails respectively before turning away.

In plane levels, the plane flies straight into the Astral Plane portal and Ms. Chalice's on a spitfire comes through the other side. One of the players equipped with it will get their half of the cookie eaten by the plane, making them disappointed and mad at it.


Ms. Chalice has a shorter jump but she has a double jump to add extra maneuverability, it also replaces the parry function from jumping in mid-air. However, her dash now parries, and her dash resets after about a second in the air. She can parry stuff with a bigger window and parry into things horizontally. She gains another jump and dash instantly after a parry, including a vertical boost from a normal parry so she can reach heights Cuphead and Mugman could never before. When crouching and dashing, she has a dodge roll and be invincible for a short while. She also has an extra starting health.

In plane levels, her plane weapons, their EX and the Super are different, her parry area is bigger.

In essence, the Astral Cookie is multiple charms effect combined into one.


  • Astral Cookie, unlike other charms, can be used in The King's Leap, allowing the player to play as Ms. Chalice.
  • In the final battle of the DLC, whoever uses the Cookie will influence the dialogue before the battle. (If Cuphead/Mugman uses it, the character in question will be captured. If none of them uses it, Ms.Chalice will get abducted instead. Saltbaker will also use female pronouns if he kidnaps her, while using male pronouns if he takes Cuphead or Mugman hostage.)
  • The tutorial and the three Mausoleums are the only levels where the player cannot play as Ms. Chalice without using any cheats.
    • This is because in the former, it shows the players how to play as Cuphead and Mugman, while in the latter, it could create a plot hole, considering that both The Legendary Chalice and Ms. Chalice are the same character.


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