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"One thing dis nose knows is, youse cups gonna be pushin' up roses!"
Anteater, Death Screen

The Anteater is a member of the Moonshine Mob and the third mini-boss in Bootlegger Boogie.


The Anteater has a teal and red bowler hat like most of the members of the Moonshine Mob. He has brown fur with a striped trunk that contains a long tongue.


The Anteater will break the upper two bridges and greets the player, which also reveals the Announcer Snail from under his bowler hat, the player being able to shoot at the latter to deal damage to the former, before hiding him and proceeding to attack the players.


Death card mugshot rumrunners ph3

His main attack is to extend his tongue to grab Fly Goons and Ant Cops that starts fighting after he spit them out. The scuffle bounces across the screen. Sometimes, he can fake-out his attack to fool the player(s), prompting them to move to another platform. He real attack starts as he winks. His tongue can always be parried.

After his defeat, the fake knockout screen will be lowered, as he holds his nose and rests on the platform during the final phase, as the Announcer Snail will attempt to attack the players further more. After the Snail's defeat, he will constantly shake his head, as the Snail holds onto him.



  • He is the only vertebrate animal in the Moonshine Mob.
  • Based on his speech mannerisms (such as replacing the "th" sound with the "d" sound, and using the term "youse"), it is implied that he speaks in a Chicago accent.
  • He has a trunk similar to that of elephants, while real anteaters' "trunks" are actually rigid tubular snouts, and the mouths are at the tip of said snout, just below the nose.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • He resembles the anteater from the 1940 Fleischer cartoons Ants in the Plants, as they both have trunks similar to those of elephants.
    • He also resembles the Aardvarks as they appear in Ice Age, the titular anteater in 1982 arcade game Anteater, and Alan Anteater from the many Coco Pops commercials for the same reason.
    • He is also similar to Charlie from Rio 2, both being anteater henchmen who wear bowler hats.
  • His trunk resembles the snout of the Aardvark from the many Pink Panther cartoons by Metro Goldwyn Mayer, as well as that of Sniffles the Anteater from web series Happy Tree Friends, albeit without teeth.
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