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The Ant Cops are a police force that are dealing with the Moonshine Mob. They are fought in the level Bootlegger Boogie in Inkwell Isle Four.


The Ant Cops are a blue skinned ants with top yellow shoes with a blue police uniform. They have yellow eyes and wear large goggles. They have white gloves and can equip a police baton or pesticide guns.


A group of Ant Cops are in a yelling match at the top left corner of the screen, then retreats.


Phase 1[]

The Ant Cops usually comes after Charlie Left Legs enters or is about to leave, shooting a puff of pesticide at him. It is slow moving and usually misses the Spider even after he stops to attack but it can deal damage to him if he comes back at the right place. It can also damage the player, some are pink and can be parried. They can be defeated.

Phase 2[]

When the Light Bug phase starts, they run across the top and bottom bridges to chase after Moonshine Barrels that dances across to dodge the cops. They can be defeated.

Phase 3[]

After the Anteater licks up some Fly Goons and Ant Cops, they are spit out and start fighting. Their scuffle bounces across the screen. The whole fight can be defeated.



Screenshot 2022-07-26 131511

The Police ant in The Ants in the Plants

  • From the intro, the Ant Cops are not fighting the player(s) directly and are simply dealing with the Moonshine Mob. The player just got involved in the crossfire between them.
  • The Cop's shooting pesticide at Charlie Left Legs may be inspired by Cagney's defective Flying Toothy Terror, where a blue Flying Toothy Terror shoots a bullet at Cagney and damages him instead.
  • One of the Cops is seen shaking hands with the Announcer Snail in the epilogue, indicating that the Ant Cops and Moonshine Mob have made peace with each other.
  • After Chef Saltbaker's defeat, the Ant Cops are the ones to arrest him.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • The Ant Cops resemble the ants in "The Ants in the Plants" short.
  • The Ant Cop's pesticide guns are similar to the spray gun that Stanley used in Donkey Kong 3.
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