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Another Brother is the fourth episode of season 2 of The Cuphead Show! and the sixteenth episode overall.


After an argument with Mugman, Cuphead goes looking for another brother, but his reckless new sibling isn't all he's cracked up to be.


Cuphead and Mugman are attempting to run to the cinema at the last minute. Through the forest, they encounter a cliff, which stops the two in their tracks. However, Cuphead has come prepared with a homemade rocket, and attempts to use that to make it there on time. However, Mugman extinguishes the fuse to prevent Cuphead from getting injured, as an argument breaks out between the two, causing them to fall apart and go their own separate ways.

Later at a park, Cuphead is sitting on a bench to find a new brother. However, he gets sullen as he views two brothers play with each other, before he gives up, right before a bicycle zips by him. He then chases after it and finds out that the rider was none other than Bowlboy. Bowlboy then revealed that he is a loose cannon and likes daredevil acts just like Cuphead. While Mugman is at home showing no concern for his former brother, Cuphead, Cuphead on the other hand is having fun with his new brother, Bowlboy, who do a lot of stunts, including, diving into the ocean, surfing on a train, (with the inclusion of Bowlboy knocking out the conductor to make the train accelerate) and putting extreme spice in their chili.

Back at the cottage, Mugman is napping on the couch until Cuphead arrives back home to find the gunpowder, before Cuphead leaves the cottage once more, much to Mugman's frustration. Later, Mugman attempts to charm a mailman into being his brother, but fails, which results in him holding an audition for someone to become his own brother. Right there, he spots Cuphead and Bowlboy, much to his shock, as the two then go out to strap themselves to a rocket. Mugman then picks the first character in line to be his brother, Bulbface, as the latter protests of not having a chance to present a monologue or a song. Cutback to Cuphead and Bowlboy, the two are using the entire sack of gunpowder for a gigantic homemade rocket. This concerns Cuphead, as Bowlboy goes onto explain that Mugman would not allow him to do anything of what they are doing. As Bulbface escape the cottage, much to Mugman's disappointment, Cuphead, realizing that Bowlboy has gone too far with the stunts, escapes before the rocket takes off. After the rocket explodes midair, Bowlboy makes a statement of his survival, before falling and shattering. He then stated he still barely survived, before a pebble falls onto his face, causing it to shatter. After Bowlboy's apparent demise, Mugman runs to Cuphead about his overprotectioveness and wants to be like him, as the latter grabs onto his brother, and with that, both cups take off into the skies. As Cuphead makes a statement about Mugman being right the whole time, the rocket then quickly descends into the gap as it explodes.

Cuphead and Mugman are then seen at the hospital, brutally injured from that act. The two vow never to find new brothers and stay best friends forever. The doctor then arrives to check on the two, and after moving the curtain aside, he surprisingly reveals himself to be Bowlboy, who survived the crash. He then takes out an injection and laughs maniacally as the episode ends abruptly.

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