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"Surprise! Forgetting about da boss ain't wise."
Announcer Snail, Death Screen

The Announcer Snail (whose name is currently unknown) is the leader of the Moonshine Mob and the last mini-boss in Bootlegger Boogie.


The Announcer Snail, who serves as the Moonshine Mob's boss, is an anthropomorphic snail with a scar over his left eye wearing a yellow suit. On his back is a dark yellow shell, and he carries a megaphone to amplify his voice and a cane in the intro.


At the beginning of the battle, he is seen announcing (and imitating) the lines of the actual announcer. He then then carried off by a Fly Goon while yelling the second part. In Simple Mode, while he does still announce the fight, he is absent from the mob due to being unavailable to be battled in that said mode and is not yelling the second part.

When the Anteater emerges and lifts his bowler hat to reveal the Snail, who then laughs at the players. He can be damaged during this, thus depleting some of the health from the Anteater.


Death card mugshot rumrunners ph4

After the Anteater's defeat, he announces the fake knockout and stays on top of the Anteater.

He starts yelling into his megaphone and shooting sound waves at the player(s).

After his defeat, the real announcer will clear his throat and the battle will end with the snail swinging on the Anteater.



  • The Announcer Snail has the least amount of hitpoints for any boss out of the entire game.
  • During the epilogue, the Announcer Snail is shown shaking hands with an Ant Cop, implying that they have ended their feud.
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