Cuphead Knockout

The Announcer, while not visible, is present all throughout the game, announcing the beginning and end of every stage and boss fight.

Announcer's quotes

Boss fight start (Ready?)

  • Good day for a swell battle!
  • This match will get red hot!
  • Here's a real high-class bout!
  • A great slam and then some!
  • A brawl is surely brewing!

Boss fight start (Wallop!)

  • And begin!
  • Now go!
  • Here goes!
  • You're up!
  • It's on!

Stage completion

  • Knockout! (Boss defeated)
  • Bravo! (Run 'n Gun Stage cleared)
  • Victory! (Mausoleum cleared)

Mausoleum start

  • Here comes a spooky bunch!
  • The ghouls are out tonight!

Mausoleum death

  • You failed!


Cuphead Announcer Voice Sound Effects

Cuphead Announcer Voice Sound Effects

Knockout, and boss intro quotes.


  • The announcer's voice was provided by Luke de Ayora, who also voiced Elder Kettle's various grunts, as well as those of Goopy Le Grande and the "Charge!" quote by Werner Werman.
  • Prior to the update patch, the Announcer used the same quotes from other boss fights for the Mausoleum.
    • Likewise, there was no fail quote.
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