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Not to be confused with Angel or the Devil

The Angel and Demon are a duo of secret bosses who are fought during the level One Hell Of A Dream in the DLC. They appear as Devil-like entities with angelic and demonic features. After defeating them, the fight can be triggered again by stand in front of the middle tombstone and hold L+R, LT+RT, ZL+ZR, L1 + R1, or Tab+Backspace for a bit, reactivating the tombstone.

There is no difficulty selection for this boss.



The Angel and Demon both resemble The Devil, being horned fuzzy bipedal creatures with wings and yellow eyes with black pupils, though their designs are different. They take the appearance of stereotypical angels and devils respectively, as the Angel looks more benevolent with a warm smile and a praying gesture while Demon has a malevolent grin and deathly stare.

The Angel is light blue with a dark-blue toga. His wings are birdlike, and he has small horns and a halo. The tips of his fur are also slightly rounder and soft.

The Demon is red with bigger ram horns sprouting from his head. His wings are batlike, his eyes have narrower pupils (much like how the Devil himself has narrow pupils in his eyes), and his hands have claws, and he wears no clothing. His fur tips are also pointed, much like the Devil's.


Not much is known about the Angel and Demon, but while the latter seems to be a simple sadist, the former is much more reluctant against the brothers and in the Death Screen, even shows some possible remorse for killing them. The Angel is also much more peaceful than his partner.


Like the Tipsy Troop, neither the Angel nor the Demon do anything special for their intro and are just simply in their idle poses, but the screen becomes less blurry as the battle starts.


"Wish you may, wish you might, your soul is now trapped in the night."
Angel and Demon, Death Screen

Death card mugshot graveyard

In this battle, the Angel and Demon will use a variety of attacks, which are the following:

Angel Demon
The Angel summons three transparent halos.
It can have a pink shine and turn into a pink fireball.
The Demon summons three fireballs.
The third one can be parried.
The Angel sings as he creates a wall of water. The Demon roars as he creates a wall of fire.
The cloud platform below them will have lightning under it, damaging the player upon touch.

The Demon will always face the player while the Angel will always be behind them, so they will switch every time the player turns around. The Angel's attacks are harmless, whereas the Demon's attacks are not. By turning around, their attacks will switch properties. In co-op, both players must turn around for the bosses to change sides. This does not happen if both are facing different directions.

After taking enough damage, the Angel and Demon will be defeated and sucked into the background skeleton's eyes. The Demon is shielding his face with his arms while the Angel has his torso turned away with his "foreground arm" turned lifted to his face. Hitpoints = 800





  • The Angel and Demon are not their official names.
  • Judging by how the quote is worded, the Angel is the one who says the death quote. The Demon is also laughing instead of talking, suggesting he didn’t say it.
  • They and Goopy Le Grande are the only bosses in the game that do not have any kind of minions.
    • This is the only one that does not have any at any point in development all. Technically, Goopy still has unused Bothersome Blueberries that would have run about during his last phase.
  • Excluding mini-bosses or Simple mode of regular bosses, the Angel and Demon are the only bosses to have one phase.
  • They are also the only boss in the game that does not have a results screen at the end, excluding mini-bosses. They also do not appear on the list in the equip menu.
  • This battle was originally going to be used as a phase for the Devil's fight and exists as part of his code already.
    • The design of the Devil's skeleton holding up a platform is very similar to an unused animation for his transition after jumping into the hole when the first phase is defeated. This is likely where the Angel and Demon are fought after landing on the huge Devil's skeleton hands, and by defeating the duo, they get sucked back into the Devil to regenerate his flesh, he then lowers his hands and the fight continues with the five platform phase.
  • There is a bug where one of the bosses won't change accordingly, resulting in two demons or two angels at once.
  • The Angel is slightly transparent.

Inspiration and similarities[]

  • Their existence might be a reference to how the Devil is usually portrayed as a fallen angel, more commonly known as Lucifer.
  • The Angel and the Demon's Death Screen quote is a reference to an old poem "star light, star bright", the full poem continues with "The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight."
    • This is also used in the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio, in which there is a scene where Geppetto wishes upon a star, saying "I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I make tonight."
  • The achievement received upon defeating the Angel and Demon is "A Horrible Night to Have A Curse" which is a reference to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.
  • Their gimmick of switching sides when the player turns around may be based on Silhouette Mirage.
  • They might be a reference to a "shoulder angel" a common trope seen in various media, but more often in animation in which the angel dishes out good advice, while the demon dishes out bad advice.
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