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Not to be confused with the Angel and Demon.

"I was about to hit you with the ol' Parry move! That's how you deal with ghosts 'round here."
Angel telling Cuphead about the Mausoleums

Angel is an NPC in Inkwell Isle One. She is a fish who is, rather ironically, fishing in front of the first Mausoleum. She explains that the player can destroy the ghosts in the Mausoleums by parrying against them.


Angel is a cantaloupe orange goldfish with large eyes each with two eyelashes, a round honey yellow mouth and light yellow fins for arms and for legs. She also wears a rose red bow on the left side of her head.


Angel can be seen fishing by the first Mausoleum, at first she gets surprised by you approaching her, but then she calms down, explaining that she was about to parry you because she thought you were a ghost. This ultimately explains to the player(s) that you can only defeat the ghosts by parring them.



  • Her name and behavior as a fish who fishes is a pun on the anglerfish, as well as the angelfish.
  • She bears a resemblance to Cleo from Disney's Pinocchio.
  • There's some quite comically cliché controversy surrounding the character, preferably due to the fact that she is fishing for other fish, despite the fact that she is one, which could technically be considered cannibalism.
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